Lucia and finished interviews


So I have finally completed all my interviews. I had aimed for 10 but with some difficulties of getting students to agree for interviews I ended up with 8. I am starting to stress a little about finishing it all in time and working hard analysing my material and writing. (So hard I forget to do my updates here haha).


Me, my translator Priya and two of the students from MAVA


Today is Lucia and I’mm both struck with a cold, making my brain work all slow, and homesickness. Since I have been away from home over Christmas a few times before I came prepared. Other times I have been able to go to IKEA for my homesickness treatment, but India only have one store in the country hahah.  So, this time, to save some time trying to search for ingredients I brought dry yeast and “pärlsocker”. I am planning to do some cinnamonbuns and saffronbuns (lussebullar). Hopefully it turns out okey. The house where I stay doesn’t have a proper oven though. Which is not a common thing to have in India. They usually make do with just a gas stove.  Wish me luck!

One great thing (among many) about doing my thesis here in India is the marvelous option of ordering food through an app. It is cheap and I can pretty much chose from whatever restaurang in the area. This saves me great time. Like instead of cocking I can 100% focus on writing…. or watch youtube videos…. or sit for 40 mins deciding what I want to order and then wait another 40 mins for delivery… you all know how it goes. And did I mention dessert.

Anyways! It is for sure time to pick up some speed to finish this in time.
Christmas is around the corner and so is deadline!!


Hi again!

Time flies and it’s really hard to realize when it’s time for blogging!

Last time we wrote, we had just planned our first interviews, well now we’ve done them all! Our first interviews were last Tuesday, and we interviewed two gay men who both gave really interesting stories about their life! Our next two interviews were scheduled on Thursday, but in the middle of it all Emma got really sick, so we only got one interview that day.

Yesterday, Monday, we had our final two interviews and we’re happy to say that we have gotten some variation in our interviews, regarding informants. From the beginning we knew that it was hard to find different people of the LGBT-spectra, especially women, but yesterday we met a trans woman who could give us an insight into that life, which was very eye-opening.  From these meetings with these amazing people we have really come to understand the difference in LGBTQ- rights and the issues that LGBTQ- people face here compared to back home.

Besides that, on Friday we are planning to move (AGAIN)! We realized that since we’re done with the interviews and don’t really need to be close to Gaya Dewata anymore, we could travel around Bali while writing! So that’s what we’re going to do! Firstly, we’re going to Ubud, and we hope to get a lot of nice pictures there to share with you all! As for now, you’ll have to manage without since we haven’t been taking any (good) pictures lately!

See ya!

Aron & Emma



What a great week and it’s only Monday!  We’ve been very stressed out lately since none of our contacts answered us for a while and we were certain we would have to start moving on, finding new organizations and informants for our study… And even though one of them finally started contacting us again we thought they wanted to either get out of this or limit their efforts to the bare minimum… Until today!

So last week we got in contact with Arya, our contact from Gaya Dewata, an LGBTQ- activist group based here in Bali.
(You can read about them at: )

We decided that we were going to go to them next Monday (the day I’m posting this). We didn’t have much hope for our visit, but we were determined to at least get something out of it. So we went there! When our taxi driver let us off at the address we had given him, we were confused. It was a very small street and no signs of there being an organization there. Finally, we went up to the nearest house and knocked on the door, we had come to the right place! We got to quickly meet Arya before we were seated to wait, since he still had some work to do. Then we got to meet an Australian volunteer who gave us a lot of useful information! He told us about other communities and organizations where we could get help, but maybe the best advice we received was; E-mailing is useless in Indonesia! If you want to contact someone, find them on social media!!

That explained a lot…!

So, after talking to the Aussie for a while we got to finally actually sit down with Arya. Before when we had discussed with him via WhatsApp, he had told us about how they might not have much time for us and that it would be difficult to get us what we wanted, such as helping us to find an interpreter, so we were definitely not hoping for much. Then it all just turned around! Firstly, we knew it would be hard to find informants part of the LGBTQ- community that were not only gay men, since the other parts of the community isn’t as open here, but Arya told us he would try to find a wider range of people so we got the bigger picture! Secondly, he found someone who can interpret for us and thirdly, we’re starting with the interviews TOMORROW already! (Arya invited us to come by every day for new interviews!)

Us and Arya at Gaya Dewata!

It feels like we’ve gone from the bottom and right up to the top! Losing hope just to get all we could ever dream of!

Other than this, last week consisted of writing, writing, quite a lot of rain (and some sun too) and lastly more writing! Hopefully we’ll have more to tell you about when we get started with the interviews!

Bicara denganmu nanti!

Train traveling, interviews and transcribeboredom

Time is flying by! It is easy to forget to update! A lot has been going on.. I had my birthday and went out of town for some celebrations. I have managed to complete five interviews all of a sudden. I am also getting more and more comfortable going on the local trains even if the train as such is not a one of comfort. If you are unlucky with the timing in the mornings and evenings when all of Mumbai also want to go on the trains.. yeah.. well, then you do your best to even manage to get onboard. Put your bag in the front, tackle the door from the side, try to get hold of the doorhandle and squeez your way up. And don’t be afraid to use them elbows your mother gave you cos you need them. At least I am a little taller compared to the majority which is an advantage. This week however I didn’t even make it further in the train than just to stand by the door. And here in India the door does not close.. Exciting to say the least… I wanted to take a picture but then it would have been for the price of losing my phone. Anyways, I try to avoid peakhours as much as possible. It is just not worth the bruises and the sweating and the stares I get from looking like the lost tourist that I am. However, I feel pretty proud about managing this good haha!


Pictures from my trip to Gorai, outside of Mumbai, for my birthday


So as I said.. I have now conducted five interviews and have five left to go. It has been a little difficult to get hold of students and still trying to get the remaining interviews confirmed. I have transcribed two of them and it takes sooo much time. 50 min becomes 11 pages of text and about 4-5 hours of work.  The other three interviews have been in hindi where I have had the help of an interpreter. So waiting for her to give me a more detailed translation for the interviews before I can transcribe them aswell. But part from this tedious transcribing all this is fun. To meet people and learn new things. I am so thankfull to be able to do all this!

Until next time!

Take care,


MAVA and my project

Last week was Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. Diwali symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Homes and buildings are decorated with lights, firecrackers are being set on fire in almost every street corner and it is not only cute little *pops* and *cracks* but rather the sounds of tiny bombs. Everyone is laughing at me for jumping of my chair from being startled. It feels like even the cats who lives in my apartment are looking at me weirdly after my little jerking dancemoves.

As promised in my last post I will give you a short introduction to the organisation I will be working with and what my study will be about.

The Mumbai based NGO Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) is the first men’s organization in India directly intervening against gender-based violence towards women. For the past 25 years MAVA has been working on engaging men and boys in India on gender issues and equality. Over the years, they have developed several methods for involving young people through interactive workshops, street-plays, newspapers, poetry reading sessions, talks and discussions.

See their website for more info:

I will be doing a qualitative study on one of MAVA’s programs. A one year mentor-training program engaging male college students in conversations addressing issues related to gender based discrimination and violence. The growing demand of involving men and boys to achieve gender equality has led to an increased number of organisations and programs around the world to answer this demand. Where MAVA is one of them. With the theory that gender norms and social values are socialised from an early age, leading to the unequal power relation, MAVA tries to break gender stereotypes and change men’s and boys’ views on patriarchal society. I intend to interview 10 college students who have recently completed MAVAs one-year mentor training to investigate how they describe their experiences of the program. Focus will be on the training program seen from the participating students’ perspective ending in a report for MAVA to use in developing their approaches and programs.

My overall research question aims to cover: How do the interviewed participants of MAVA’s mentoring training describe the programs content and the impact it has had on how they perceive gender-based discriminations, equality and patriarchal norms in society after completing the one-year program?

Priya and me at Tata Institute of Social Sciences

One last exciting thing before I end this post is that I yesterday met with Priya, my translator for this project. She is herself studying a master in Social Work at Tata Institute of Social Sciences here in Mumbai. It was great to meet her to discuss the best way to go about the interviews which I hope we can start with next week!

Take care,


First week in Mumbai

India, Mumbai:
As part of my Bachelor degree in Social Work at Malmö University I spent five months earlier this year in Mumbai to carry out my field placement (Verksamhetsförlagd utbildning). The internship was with a non-governmental organisation called Vacha which focuses on girls’ and young women’s empowerment and education. Vacha is a term in several Indian languages meaning speech, articulation and self-expression and the organisation work to give the girls a voice and a platform to be able to speak up in their communities and public spaces. If you want to read more about their work in their community centres in and around Mumbai you can follow the link below:


Going home in the “rik” Click for GIF

I am now back in Mumbai for a MFS and looking forward to further experience this fast paced and intense life that this city, with a population of about 22 million, has to offer. The people, the food, the sounds and the smells. The culture, the colours and celebrations. The luxury and the poverty. The traffic… well maybe not so much the traffic but at least you always have something interesting to look at while you are stuck in an auto rikshaw. Surrounded by hundreds of other “riks”, cars, motorbikes, trucks, dogs, goats, street sellers, all while in 36 degrees, breathing in the heavenly smell of pollution. How can one  not I love it?


Adventures in South Mumbai



India is the fastest growing economy in the world. However, not everyone seems to be onboard the fast moving train of progress. The Indian middle class might be growing but there is, for example, a gaping rural-urban divide as well as a gender discriminations when it comes to economic progress and development. So yes there is a whole bunch of inequalities in this country. Not only economic, but also when it comes to social rights  and opportunities. But there is also good things happening:

A ban of single use plastic
Decriminalizing homosexuality

The above links are just two examples of big top-level decisions. However, on grassroot level great things are happening every day. I have seen this during my internship and I get motivated by these hardworking people that want to see positive change in their communities and country.

So follow me on my two months minor field study to see where it takes me. In my next post I will introduce you to my project and the organisation I will be working with – Men Against Violence and Abuse.

Take care of eachother,


Estamos aquí!


Nu är vi i Lima! Det har varit en låååång flygresa, närmare bestämt 24 timmar. Under dessa 24 timmar har vi hunnit mellanlanda i både Frankfurt och Panama. Kollat på två olika filmer, ätit mat och försökt att sova.

Vi landade i Lima 00:00 och tog en taxi till vårt hostel som ligger i området Miraflores. Miraflores är ett område som är väldigt modern och lyxigt. Det kryllar av Starbucks, barer, klubbar och restauranger här. Det kanske inte är vad man har tänkt sig om ett U-land, men vi fick höra av en “local” att det finns enorma klyftor i Lima. Vilket också märks när man åker med bussen till andra delar av Lima.

Vi är extrem jetlaggade därav har vi somnat klockan 19:00 de första dagarna och vaknat vid 04:00. Vi har också hunnit med att träffa vår kontaktperson Julia och besökt organisationen. Det var väldigt spännande att träffa henne och hennes kolleger. Det kändes häftigt att stå framför Julia som vi har mailat med fram och tillbaka med i över ett år.  Vi kommer att berätta mer om organisationen i ett annat inlägg, ni får nöja er så länge med lite bilder.



Från mötet med Red Sida
Från mötet med Red Sida
Böcker som organisationen har skrivit.
Böcker som organisationen har skrivit.
Fint graffiti på gatorna
Fint graffiti på gatorna
Inkamarket, där det finns massor med fina mönster
Inkamarket, där det finns massor med fina mönster
Kaktusar i varje hörn
Kaktusar i varje hörn


God jul och god fortsattning allihopa! Nu ar vi tillbaka i Havanna efter tva fantastiska veckor pa cayo coco, ciego de avila och varadero. Massor sol och bad och lite ovanligt julfirande. Nu ar det inte langt kvar innan vi aker hem, vi har valdigt blandade kanslor. Men vi har hunnit allt vi behover gora infor studien och kanner oss valdigt nojda med det vi har astadkommit. Nu ska vi passa pa att njuta av havanna vara sista dagar och besoka alla vara favvisstallen och umgas med vara kubanska vanner.

Nar vi kommer hem och har tillgang till battre internet lagger vi upp ett mer informativt inlagg om kuba. Ha det gott tills dess!


Hej! Igar hade vi en till intervju. Eftersom att halsoministeriet blockerar oss fick vi forsoka hitta andra vagar. Darfor hjalpte mamman i familjen vi bor hos oss sa att vi kunde fa en intervju med kvarterets sjukskoterska. Vi var tveksamma till hur mycket det skulle kunna ge oss och var studie om preventivt arbete med hiv, men det visade sig bli en av de basta intervjuerna vi haft!

I eftermiddag ska vi har vara sista intervjuer och sedan blir det transkribering av dom innan vi aker ivag till vart lyxiga hotell pa cayo coco! Det kommer bli en himla skillnad fran vart Havanna-liv!

Nu ar det bara 2,5 veckor kvar for oss och det borjar kannas trakigt, vi vill ju inte lamna underbara Kuba! Men det ska ocksa bli skont att komma hem till nara och kara och ata svensk mat igen! Vi har dock hittat en svensk restauang i Havanna sa vi fick i oss lite kottbullar med mos och toast skagen, mycket nojda!

Vi hors snart igen!




Nu ar vi tillbaka igen!

IMG_0595 IMG_0777 IMG_0404 IMG_0765 IMG_0367

Hej allihopa! Nu ar det ett tag sen vi skrev! Detta darfor att vi har rest runt lite pa Kuba och inte kunnat fa tag pa internet! Vi har varit i Vinales, en liten bergsby med massor av tobaksplantage och stora grona berg. Vi har ocksa varit i trinidad som ar en gammal jattefin liten stad med en heeeelt fantastisk strand (se bilden nedan). Vi har ocksa haft besok fran Sofias foraldrar men aven nagra vanner fran Sverige, jatteroligt att fa visa dom vart liv har pa Kuba!

Vad galler studien sa gar det lite sadar.. Halsoministeriet pa Kuba har satt lite kappar i hjulet for oss och vi har fatt tanka om lite. Men vi har redan gjort nagra intervjuer och vi har nagra pa gang sa vi tror det kommer bli bra anda.

Nu ar det bara tre veckor kvar och nasta vecka ska spenderas pa en o som heter Cayo coco som ska ha den finaste stranden i karibien. Detta ser vi fram emot. Fram tills dess ar det fullt os med uppsatsen sa vi kan ta semester med gott samvete.

Som ni ocksa kan se ar julforberedelserna i full gang pa kuba! Kubanerna julpyntar for fullt och vi har till och med fatt en liten lysande julgran pa vart rum. Mysigt!

Nu ar internettiden snart ute igen men vi forsoker blogga mer snart, hall utkik!