Week 6: Transcribing and Quotes from Interviews

This week we have continued to transcribe our interviews. Below are some examples of how child victims of sexual exploitation and abuse are perceived and treated in Cambodia:

The respondent continue to describe issues with medical examinations of child victims post exposure to sexual exploitation and abuse:

Child victims are stigmatised by medical professionals, community members, and their own families, which causes secondary victimisation.

The respondent continues to point out key issues associated with poverty in regard to child sexual exploitation and abuse:

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We (Elin & Hanna) are currently in Cambodia to write our bachelor’s thesis in criminology and are fortunate to collaborate with the organization APLE. Their works against the sexual exploitation and abuse of children and enables, among other things, the prosecution of perpetrators and rehabilitates vulnerable children. Children’s exposure is commonly a result of sex tourism, which rarely leads to any significant consequences for perpetrators.

Together with you, we hope to contribute to their continued work against sexual exploitation and abuse through a fundraiser. If you are you able to donate any amount this month, we would be extremely grateful for the contribution. Every little bit makes a difference! (All contributions goes in full to APLE https://aplecambodia.org/ )

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