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Student Blogs 

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Hanna Fredell and Elin Laurin – Cambodia
Faculty of Health and Society – Department of Social Work

Hello! Our names are Elin and Hanna. We are currently in Cambodia, collecting data for our undergraduate criminology thesis. In collaboration with APLE, we are learning about the important work against sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The victimisation is a result of sex tourism, amongst other things, which rarely leads to significant consequences for the perpetrators.

We are both passionate about human rights and our ambition to put an end to sexual abuse and exploitation of children lead us to APLE and their inspirational work. They work hard to enable prosecution of perpetrators, engage the community and rehabilitate children, amongst other prevention means. We hope to spread information about APLE’s work and ambitions during our 8 weeks in Cambodia. Follow our blog here.


Glenn Möllergren – Moldavia
Faculty of Health and Society, Department of Social Work 

My MFS-study focuses on assessment procedures in elderly care and takes place in Moldova during the autumn of 2021. The aim is to develop the understanding of the needs assessment in elderly care as such, and in particular in Moldova and Sweden. The conclusions will be result in a master’s thesis of social work in March 2022.
Previous studies have shown that the assessment interview in Swedish elderly care assumes the form of an inverted assessment, where, in reality, the assistance officer convinces the care receiver about “applying” only for interventions that are already offered by the municipal care. Other needs are omitted from the interview. Needs that are thus met are of a quality that may be perceived as “expected” or “normal” for an old person, whereas other norm-breaking or unexpected needs are difficult or impossible to even apply for – let alone receive. But is this a Swedish phenomenon, or may similar patterns be identified in other countries as well?
Through observations of the assessment process specific turning points and critical or decisive moments therein may be discovered, and such findings can shed light on the assessment interview in elderly care as such.


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  1. Hej!
    När kommer informationen om hur många stipendier som kommer ges ut denna gång?
    Vi kommer nämligen söka nu den 15/4 och skulle vilja veta hur många stipendier det rör sig om.

  2. Hej Elin och Anna,

    Tyvärr kommer beskedet från Universitets och högskolerådet att dröja och det är därför vi har varit tvungna att skjuta på vårens deadline till den 15 maj.

    Så fort vi får information kommer vi lägga ut det på hemsidan men det kommer inte innan maj.

    Vänliga hälsningar,

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