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Hey guys!

I was not able to update last week, had some internet issues… It’s solved now.

As I wrote in the last post, I am now in Dodoma, the central part of Tanzania. Came to visit friends and other extended family members, as my thesis has been going quite well. This place is not as warm as Dar es Salaam, and in the evenings it can get really cold! BTW Dodoma is Tanzania’s capital city. But, Dar es Salaam is the business hub and “place to be” so people take it as the capital, though it isn’t. I admit I prefer Dar es Salaam over Dodoma. 1) beaches, heeey 😀 2) I know the city very well 3) things cost less 4) yeah I just realised I like it more hehe.

I came here Thursday and had a long weekend until Sunday. Didn’t touch the thesis. Honestly. It doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything I just haven’t continued where I last stopped. On Friday, Yesterday and today I’ve been transcribing interviews and the focus group session I had. Maaan it takes time! Totally underestimated how long it would take, and of course, I’m doing it all by myself which is extremely tiresome. But hey, it’s April, just one more month of ‘official studies’. I can do it, I can do it. So yeah, even as I’m writing, I’m still on the issue of transcribing interviews. I obviously cannot proceed with the analysis without first transcribing all interviews, I have 5 more to transcribe and all are about 25-35mins long. I can do it! I’m going to try my best to be done with it tomorrow. It’s really tiring, like I actually have a headache now. Tomorrow we have supervision with our professor in Sweden, I’ll attend through skype. Let’s see what she think of my thesis progress this far.. Oh yeah one more thing, before I travelled to Dodoma I attended TGNP’s gender seminar, it was soo soo good! Still on the topic of water and gender. They had the manager for DAWASCO come in and discuss with them. DAWASCO is a company, under the government of Tanzania, that provides water services to people in the Dar es Salaam and Pwani region.

NOT thesis related: As I said, I came to Dodoma last Thursday, so far I’ve gone around the city and seen some relatives. During the weekend two friends and I took a bus to Iringa, another region and city. Still central Tanzania. About 250km from where I am now. It was really nice. The weather is like Sweden! Felt like I was home. It was around 25 C during the day and 16 C at night. Quite chilly, when I’ve been used to Dar es Salaam’s 35+ C. Anyhow I cannot complain, we had a lovely time, ate nice food, stayed at a nice hotel and did lots of sightseeing. Oh and we laughed a lot. So I’m fully energised now to continue the thesis.

Need to continue transcribing *sheds a few tears*, so I’ll update again during the week hopefully, ciao!

Iringa town view
Gangilonga Rock @Iringa
TGNP gender seminar

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