Calor, calor y polvo!

They people here say that Nicaragua has two season LODO y POLVO – Mud and dust! Right now it is summer which is the season of dust, wind and HEAT! This is actually hindering my studies a bit, because my computer gets overheated. I know it may sound a bit “i-lands problem”, and of course it is! I just have to adjust my study hours from 5-6am til about 12-1pm and then continue again around 6-7pm.

In the community where I live there are only dirt roads which makes the air filled with dust. So does all the peanut fields that are around and about and it can create big dust storms. The only thing to do when this happens is to stay inside and wait for it to be over. I experienced one last year and it was not a blast!

But soon it is time for the rainy season and it will be wonderful! Everybody where I live are now repairing their houses, cleaning up around, making sure that everything works as it should so that the rain won´t destroy anything. It is fun and interresting to see the solutions I must say. I hope that I can get good connection and upload some pictures soon!


Take care everyone!


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