Easter and my research

I will continue to write in English after some requests from my classmates at the Human Rights course!
The last week like i mentioned in the last post have been Semana Santa- Easter, which is the biggest holiday here in Latin America. The beaches get full of people, food, music and party! It has been hard to find somewhere quiet to study to be honest. But I took the bus to town 2 times so that I could get some internet and some quiet.

My focus this week have been to sort all my literature, write on a literature review and make a frame of interview-questions. The more I read the more and more questions I have and I know how important it is to stay within the framework and narrow it down since I actually only have a short amount of time to do my research.
I have found 3 persons now that are willing to do interviews with me and be part of the research. I will start the interviews this week and I am really excited! Since abortion is a stigmatized theme here in Nicaragua, or it is said to be it is hard for me to predict the answers. I still haven´t found any other research about the public opinion in Nicaragua concerning the abortion law. The abortion law in Nicaragua was changed in 2007 by the President Daniel Ortega after making a deal with the Catholic Church. Therapeutic abortion had been legal in Nicaragua since 1894, but the deal banned and criminalized the woman and the doctor performing the abortion. What I will investigate is the opinion among women about the law. Previous research shows that there exists feminist views parallel with Cristian values, so I will see if there exist a discussion, opinions about this subject and if it is connected by the women to their right to life, their own body and reproductive health.
So that is a little bit about my work and research that I will do here.
Take care everyone!

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