One week!

Time flies by and already one week in Rabat!

I have had the time to learn how to get around in the area and in the city, it is a “living on the edge” moment every time you try to pass the street. I observe the locals and stay close to them….so far so good! 🙂

Taxi White, taxi blue, tramway, buses, I do have options on how to get from one spot to another. Mostly friendly and really not expensive. I have been spoiled during my first week by my host who kindly has been taking me with her car to fix practical things like getting a Moroccan sim-card.

The meeting with the NGO went well, from Monday on I will spend a month internship with them! I have already been given homework, different reports that they ask me to be familiar with on my arrival.

On the social side am I getting to know my housemates. Swedish chocolate cake baking and jogging  (to get rid of the cake!) are some of the activities. This week-end I am hoping to go “tourist” a bit! The last couple of days have been filled with assignments and home-exam for Malmö University.

I am very pleased by the daily interaction with the population of Rabat. Have been nothing but friendly treated and they offer to help when they see my confused /lost expression!

(some tiny problems with uploading Pictures… more to come!)

Fancy a book?
Fancy a book?
Plenty of options for baking!

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