Fieldwork in Serbia


I totally forgot that I was suppose to blog but better late than never  I guess..Anyway, I have been here in Serbia now for almost 6 weeks and I have conducted my interviews and started to write my thesis. The most boring part so far has def been transcribing, boy was that booooring! However, speaking with the Roma about their view on education and right was amazing. Maybe I should write what it is I am doing here…My BA thesis is about the Roma in Serbia, or actually in the town of Ruma which is located in the northern part of Serbia. My interest is education and rights, more precisely how the Roma themselves view education and rights. Hope I do good!

I shall write soon again, like in two days. Bye.

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Om Ivana Lucic

Hi! Im Ivana and during the period june-july-august(partly) I will be in Serbia conductiing a field study. Im doing a BA in European at Malmo University , however for my thesis the focus lies on the Roma In the town of Ruma and their access to education.


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