My time in Serbia

I’m leaving in a couple of day and I have been here two months now. I have read some of the other posts and a lot of people have experienced culture chocks. I haven’t, maybe because I have been here many times before, speak the language and have a good understanding of the culture. However, I had some difficulties with finding a place so I ended up staying with my aunt and her family which has been great!

While being in Serbia, I have visited many places in the northern part including Novi Sad and Fruska Gora which is a mountain with 17 monasteries, beautiful! I have also been to a village in Bosnia, living like they used to do 70 years ago, It was a very interesting experience minus the outdoor toilet and lack of water. But hey, bad body odor hasn’t killed anyone…Or maybe it has, I don’t know.

It feels weird to go back home, I kinda got used to being here and I could def work here some day haha!

A pic of the village I stayed at! So pretty!


Serbia and gay rights?

My initial idea was to do something related to gay rights here in Serbia, or more specifically lesbian rights. I was interested in their own point of view etc. However, I soon found out that that would be hard since the LGBT communities and NGOs are hard to get in contact with. Actually it is hard to know who’s gay here since they are not open with it, back home it is easier to see because they can walk freely like everyone else. While having conversations with people here it is very obvious that a general view about gay people is that they are sick. I may not agree with that, actually I don’t agree at all. However I can understand why the general public is not pro BELGRADE PRIDE and I have come to the conclusion that Serbia is not ready for Pride, and it doesn’t have to be. Development is a process, you cannot expect or force a country that has a corrupt system, minorities living in the gutter, poverty and economic instability in general to except a western norm. It has to come from them and in their own pace and that is okay.

Fieldwork in Serbia


I totally forgot that I was suppose to blog but better late than never  I guess..Anyway, I have been here in Serbia now for almost 6 weeks and I have conducted my interviews and started to write my thesis. The most boring part so far has def been transcribing, boy was that booooring! However, speaking with the Roma about their view on education and right was amazing. Maybe I should write what it is I am doing here…My BA thesis is about the Roma in Serbia, or actually in the town of Ruma which is located in the northern part of Serbia. My interest is education and rights, more precisely how the Roma themselves view education and rights. Hope I do good!

I shall write soon again, like in two days. Bye.