My time in Serbia

I’m leaving in a couple of day and I have been here two months now. I have read some of the other posts and a lot of people have experienced culture chocks. I haven’t, maybe because I have been here many times before, speak the language and have a good understanding of the culture. However, I had some difficulties with finding a place so I ended up staying with my aunt and her family which has been great!

While being in Serbia, I have visited many places in the northern part including Novi Sad and Fruska Gora which is a mountain with 17 monasteries, beautiful! I have also been to a village in Bosnia, living like they used to do 70 years ago, It was a very interesting experience minus the outdoor toilet and lack of water. But hey, bad body odor hasn’t killed anyone…Or maybe it has, I don’t know.

It feels weird to go back home, I kinda got used to being here and I could def work here some day haha!

A pic of the village I stayed at! So pretty!


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