vecka 7, one week left…

OK, this is really creepy.

I am 100% sure that I wrote a blog post and uploaded it on Saturday. Apparently, I didn’t. I think I might have dreamt it? I honestly thought I did then I checked the blog today and couldn’t find my post so strange “/

Anyhow, I am alive y’all! And I have had a heavy work with transcribing interviews, I decided to NOT transribe the remaing 2 interviews but take notes of the most important things said, that relate to my thesis. I did this because of time… Time is running out. ;O! And generally it is so tireing to transcribe. Anyhow that part is now done and I am going over the material again as I’m adding it to the analysis. Or actually building the analysis on the findings :p

Thesis work is no joke. I am really exhausted and cannot waaaait to submit this paper. It has been really fun collecting data, even analysing it and writing. But, now I really want to be done so that I can look forward to the actual graduation hehe.

It feels so strange that I have one week left here. I will upload proably one more post this week where I share some reflections from this MFS journey and pictures. Then I will write once more before I travel, and then ciao ciao. Hope all goes well with the last few chapters I have left to fininsh. On Monday we are supposed to hand in 80% of our enitre thesis. Then a week after that we will have a green light seminar where we basically get to know if our thesis gets a pass, to the final stage and we proceed. OR, we have to make some changes and submit the paper in August.

With this said, I have to rush and continue working on the paper. I will update again though, maybe Friday or so.


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  1. Haha you’ll do fine! I am, worryingly enough, not that motivated to write right now so haven’t even completed my literature review, nevermind starting my analysis….hehe….

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