One Month Down, one to go

Graduation day

WOOW idag är det en månad sedan jag landade på Julius Nyerere International airport..Today it has been exactly one month since I arrived in Tanzania. It is crazy how fast time has gone, it feels like I have been here for months!!! Some days feel so slow. Other days too fast. Now that I have done most of the practical fieldwork, I only have one more workshop at the TGNP to attend… My motivation seems out of place. OFC, because now I have the not so fun part left… Which is to finish off transcribing all interviews, categorising (coding) and analysing them. And write my analysis obviously… The most important part hehe. Yeah. I am not looking forward to the heavy workload ahead of me. BUT, I must admit that the analysis seems more fun.  It probably will be a bit challenging to write. Why do I say so? because when I reflect back on all the interviews I have conducted and what I have seen in my observations, I actually notice some interesting patterns. What are those patterns? I will share once I am done with the analysis haha. OH! I just handed in my assignment by the way. On time. Round of applauds to myself hehe. And the last interview that I had last week with the former student of the Barbro school went really well. So well I decided to treat myself to some pedicure after that session :p

Not thesis related: Last week, was a normal “work week” or thesis week. Studied Monday-Friday… But that’s maybe not so fun to hear. During the week I exercised 4 times, felt really good! I have started to run at 5 am almost every morning. With my neighbour. We run 5km. The most amusing part XD, there is a place where we stop and refresh after running about 3km… There is a man that stands in that place EVERY MORNING and does aerobics. So it is like an intensive cardio workout for 20mins. And we are always the same 10 people in the morning, excluding the instructor guy. Nice free workout haha.

This past weekend I finally made my way to the beach. Did not swim though because it was totally unplanned. Went with my cousin Julius 🙂 we had some nice BBQ meat and fried sweet potatoes. On Saturday I attended the Barbro schools form 6 graduation ceremony. It was beyond amazing! Loved it. I wish I could upload a video but  I am not so sure how to do it here… Will see if I manage later.

Graduation day cakes

Next time I write I will be in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. Why? I am going to visit some friends that study at the University of Dodoma. Why, though?? because I have not seen them in years. And because now I have enough material to actually write my entire thesis. So I thought to myself, why not visit them and study while they are studying. It is really hard for me to EFFECTIVELY study on my own, I rather just chill at home hehe. So this week will be a mix of happiness and thesis related pain LOL.

Have a great week folks! 😀

@the beach

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  1. Haha veckorna bara flyger iväg eller hur!!? Härligt att du kan påbörja analysen snart!! Bra jobbat! Ha det så kul nu när du kommer iväg lite grann!!

  2. Really great all the hard work and all the good times!!! The aerobics instructor is awesome for being there everyday! Can’t wait for your analysis in May 😉

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