Big fan of fans!

Fans are something that is crucial here to get a good night sleep, be able to stay inside instead of the burning sun and to be able to somehow function during the day. The power grid in Nicaragua is not working that well. The power comes and goes as it pleases without any concern of the consumers of course. For me it is still a mystery what is really happening when the power goes out…the few times it does happen in Sweden it is because of Gudrun or Björn or I don´t know all those storms. But here it does it without storms just like that *poof* without any warning. Is it like some say here that the electricity went to another part of the country for a while? Or maybe there just isn´t any electricity left? Is there a big party somewhere and are stealing all the power? Did someone shut it down to save some for a warmer day? Or is it simply that they are working somewhere to improve the grid and they shut it down so that they won´t die? Who knows?!

2 weeks ago our street was left without electricity for not just one hour or two, no but for 3 days and 3 nights. It left most of the families without sleep, myself included…Sleeping in 40 degrees heat is not easy! There were many nightly showers and a lot of community complaining about the heat. I live in a very poor neighborhood and to skip work to go in to town to talk to the electric company is not really an option. So I and a Nicarguan friend went to the office 2 days in a row trying to sort it out. They thought we were lying, our response was simply why should we be lying about not having power that is just ridicoulus…and they did agree with us that it would. The problem was actually just that they accidentally had cut the wrong cable leaving only our street without power. But things have their own pace here and after 3 days thye came to fix it and you could hear a shout of joy from the neighbours *Ya regreso la luz!* I think I speak for everyone that the first night with a fan again was one of the best sleeps ever.

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