Field study indeed

My field study here in Maroco is concentrated on one organisation and its way of working. To be able to see and understand the bigger picture though, I take every opportunity to get extra input. Last week was very interesting. I had the chance to meet a young woman who is about to start her own feminist NGO. Her first goal concerns the sexual harassment that you experience every day in the streets. She wants the young popluation of Morocco to be able to work side by side with the more experienced NGOs who mainly are run by a bit older women.

Thanks to my house mate I was invited to listen to a formation at UN Women… unfortunately they had to postpone the session due to last minute problems for the NGOs… But, at least I got to see their office, get some information and be invited back in April…

Another event I joined was at the cinema. Every Thursday they show different documentaries with Human Rights theme. The one last week is called: “No Land’s Song”. It is about a woman’s struggle to arrange a concert in Iran. Afterwards was a debate hold and parallels to women’s situation in Morocco was made.

Finally, the week ended with a spontaneous meeting with a president of another feminist NGO who kindly answered my questions and confirmed some of my impressions so far!



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