Five desks later…

It seems like one day in CBBA is a compromised week. So much happens all the time! During the weekend we became culturally overwhelmed, with an excursion in the city that brought us to la cancha, which according to the rumour is the largest market in South America. From there we visited the last lagoon of Cochabamba – Cocha means lagoon and bamba means flat or flat land in quechua, the indigenous language spoken here. In the night we were taken to a chicha brewery called Chernobyl for a peña, a traditional folklore party. Chicha is a fermented corn drink, which not has that much alcohol but still managed to get my stomach out of order and kept me still for all of Sunday. The Bolivian experience.

This week our thesis has taken some big steps ahead – we have managed to book one interview and two meetings/interviews via email. We went to the local authority with a letter presenting us and asking for an interview, but ended up getting passed around from desk to desk and at table number five, we got an interview straight ahead which was complemented by another chat at the next desk. Feels really great to have started the data collection! The transcription however takes forever, since some subjects speak really fast and we have to translate from Spanish to Swedish or preferably English. So much hard work for a Bachelor thesis! But at the same time, after this job, everything else will feel super easy…

We also met up with Mathilda, another MFS grantee doing her study here in CBBA and we had a really nice time discussing our perspectives on Bolivia. She is writing about racism towards the indigenous population, such an important topic!

This continent is wonderland. There is so much magic here, that I somehow forget about when I’m in Europe. I forget the power that lies in truly believing, and I forget how to really listen to what is around – not only sounds, but also to wishes, desires, connections, heartbeats. Life is worth more here.

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