MFS på International Week i Orkanen – Missa inte!!

Nästa vecka är det International Week i Orkanen, med massor av spännande föreläsningar, seminarier, workshops och filmvisningar. Vi ordnar många events med fokus på MFS, missa inte detta! 

Värderingsövningar med Sida Alumni-studenter
Måndag 6/5 kl 10.15 – 12.00, B377
Tisdag 7/5 kl 10.15 – 12.00, C377
Josefhin Jartsjö och Veronica El Radaf, workshop in Swedish and English (depending on the participating students)

Workshop about values, poverty and global development and cooperation. In this workshop, you will be introduced to Swedish international cooperation and development by two former students who have experiences from minor field studies in Africa and cooperation with Sida. During this session, we will together discuss global cooperation and the concept of poverty by engaging in hands-on activities. The main question aroused will be Why should be care?

Om Sida Alumni
Students with knowledge and experience of international development issues and Swedish aid. During the last two years, Sida (Swedish International Development cooperation Agency) has recruited Swedish students who recently returned from Minor Fiels Studies (MFS) in developing countries. Sida has trained these students in communication/pedagogy, “Sida knowledge”, and in issues concerning aid and global development in general. Once the students are trained, they visit classrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms, and speak about their personal experiences from their field trips. The connection between their specific personal experiences and development issues in general, are made clear through discussion and value-based exercises.

LUNCHSEMINARIUM (inkl lätt lunch)
Tisdag 7/5 12.15 – 13.00, D222 
Seminarium med professor Bodil Liljefors-Persson, erfaren handledare för MFS och Kerstin Jurlander, student som gjort MFS i Indien. Seminariet utgår från Kerstins MFS-studie i Indien. Bodil delar med sig av sin erfarenhet av att vara handledare och av att göra egna fältstudier. Fokus ligger på fördelarna med att göra en MFS och vad man lär sig. Seminariet vänder sig till både studenter och personal.
Vi bjuder på en lättare lunch! Ingen föranmälan krävs. 

“Girls reasons for dropping out from secondary schools in Zanzibar”
Tisdag 7/5 kl 13.15 – 14.00 Orkanen B377 

Josefhin Jartsjö, MFS-student, berättar om sin Minor Fields studie i Zanzibar.

Presentation of Minor Field Study in Zanzibar and girls’ education. This presentation will focus on why some girls drop out of secondary school in Zanzibar. Last year, former geography teacher in training Josefhin Jartsjö went to Zanzibar to conduct a minor field study about eight girls’ reasons to drop out of secondary school, which later resulted in the final thesis for the teacher degree. The lecture will highlight the importance of educating girls for sustainable development, global research on why children drop out of school, experiences of doing a study in a different country and of course, the girls’ individual stories of why they left school early.

“Sophantering i Kairo”
Tisdag 7/5 kl 14.15 – 15.00, Orkanen B377
Veronica El Radaf, MFS-student berättar om sin Minor Fields Studie i Kairo, Egypten.

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