Our first week in Moshi, Tanzania, has been amazing and very busy. On the second day we went on a Safari in the nationalpark Tarangire and Ngorongoro. We had two amazing days were we got to see The big five and many more animals such as Zebras, baboons, hyena and so on.

This first week we also went to the Hot springs, wich is a place to swim and relax in the middle of the savanna. It was a long and bumpy ride because it is dry season. But when we came to the Hot springs it was all emerald green. It was really nice to get out from the hot heat in the town of Moshi to cool down and get some fresh air.

When this posts is published we just came back from a coffee tour outside of Moshi. We got to make our own coffee and it was really tasty, much better and very different than the coffee we drink in Sweden. It was also interesting to learn about the process of making coffee and to learn more about the local people and their culture. After this tour we feel like we appreciate the art of making coffee a lot more.

After this first week we have learned that everything in Africa takes a long time, there’s absolutely no stress. For example, you have to wait about twenty minutes to flush the toilet, nobody arrives on time and the dinner takes a long time to prepare. To summarize this week: Hakuna Matata!!  

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