vecka 8

OK, I made it to the last week.

Right now I am editing some parts in my thesis and adding some things. I am not done entirely with my full 80% and probably will not be for tomorrow’s deadline. As I have understood tomorrow’s deadline is more about our progress. I hope my supervisor gets where my thesis is heading even if I am not entirely done with it yet. The thing is that I as I have mentioned countless of times… Have been trascribing interviews and it takes way too much time! Like I honestly did not think it would take as much time as it did… but it did and so thesis life has to move on. Good thing is, while I transcribed I put the answers into different categories. Now I just have to summarise these categories and take the most relevant things for my thesis and add it to my analysis part. In a logical way of course. Right now my notes are messy and all over the place. Either way I am really happy that the toughest parts are more or less over. And I am greatful that we still have another 3 weeks before the final hand in of our thesis. oooh mid-May, what a wonderful day it will be hahaha.

NON thesis related info; I DROPPED MY PHONE IN A BUCKET OF WATER… Accidentaly of course, and it does not work at all! So, no more pictures… So sad. Sorry folks.

Because I want to continue my thesis work I will end this blog post soon. I think Wednesday will be a day when I am calmer… Will write some thoughts about my experience and final reflections then instead.


Bye for now 🙂 !

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      1. oj.. skadeglädje, hhahaha men ja förstår. Började själv att skratta. Men vet ej om jag grät på insidan eller inte XD

  1. Oh no! I really hope you have a camera so you can take some photos of the last couple of weeks – for your sake! It’s so valuable to have photos to look back and remember.

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