Gammal är äldst!

I really enjoy going to my NGO by bus and not only for the fact that it only costs 4 dh (around 3 Swedish kronor). It is a great opportunity to observe the Moroccans! 🙂

The other morning, I had the pleasure to witness a lovely example of how elderly persons are respected for their age, experience and “know how”.  A lady came in with her baby wrapped around her back. She started talking to me in Darija (the Moroccan version, dialect, of the Arabic language) clearly asking me to help her with something. I was to no good at all, luckily the lady selling the bus tickets came to my rescue. The mother wished to get help with the baby’s arm to be able to feed him with the bottle while riding the bus. The baby was not at all interested, cried and showed its unhappiness for everyone.

Next to the mother was a very old man sitting, and next to him an old lady. The old lady starting to talk to the “desperate” mother… I believe she was giving advice.. the old man realized that this would go on for long, he changed places with the old lady without a word. The old lady unwrapped the baby while talking to the mother. This not being enough, the old lady promptly grabbed the baby, arranged the blankets and starting to talk him while feeding him. The result was amazing! In no time he calmed down and was eating peacefully! He looked as pleased as the people around us in the bus. Once finished her mission, the old lady gave the baby back right after kissing him on the cheeks and forehead.

This is something I would have loved to see more of back home in Sweden! That we cherish and listen to our older generation. With life experience comes wisdom, we learn from our mistakes…..why not acknowledge them and all the competences they have?

With the field study, everything goes according to the schedule so far… I have started the interviews and transcription and I manage to explore the outside of Rabat in the week-ends.


Preparation of Argan oil
Preparation of Argan oil in Fes.


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