Hey again everyone!

I almost cannot remember how last week was “/ So many things happened. A close cousin of mine from the UK is also here in Tanzania right now. And last week something terrible happened to him, and we spent half of the week at the hospital. He was actually in a different city than I am in. But, some relatives went to get him from where he was to Dar es Salaam and took him to a better hospital. Because of this, I was a bit thrown off, not in terms of my studies, just in general. I was very sad by what happened but I am glad that he is now better and could return home. As I just mentioned, we (me, relatives, close family friends) spent most of the week at the hospital making sure that everything was fine with that cousin of mine. So yeah kind of unexpected, but I am really glad that he seems much better now. Other than studying and being at the hospital I really did not do much last week. Well, I actually did one thing last weekend. I went to visit an uncle I have not seen in yeeeaaars, and a friend living in a different part of the city. Mhhh I have been drinking lots of coconut water with lime. I am told it is a good preventive medicine for malaria :p

THE THESIS: I did hand in the assignment I mentioned in the last post. Though, after handing it in I realised I have to make some changes to some of the parts. But that is OK. It is part of the research process anyhow :D. We have one more assignment to hand in on Monday and I am sort of on it. I am trying to merge what I have written so far with the new assignment. Then I will send it to my supervisor with some questions I have so I can get proper feedback. Last Friday I met the programme officer at the Tanzanian Gender Networking Programme, TGNP. I interviewed her and asked other question about the work they do etc etc. It was good. Before the interview, I hung out at the library a little and found interesting books and reports on gender issues in Tanzania and East Africa. OH I forgot, I also interviewed the secretary general at Tanzania United Nations Association and the person responsible for Agenda2030 there. Very interesting.

I am in a hurry so I have to end…  I am on my way to the University of Dar es Salaam to interview a former student of the Barbro school. She is the last person on my interview list. I gave myself a month to 1) conduct interviews and 2) do the ‘previous research’ part of my thesis, and I am right on time so that is awesome :D. One last thing, I attended TGNPs gender seminar yesterday and will be going one or two more times 🙂 as this is the participant observation part of my paper. Yesterdays gender seminar was sooo sooo good. The topic was clean water & sanitation and how it relates to gender & child pregnancies.

I will write again on Monday, take good care :)!

Kigamboni bridge
TGNP’s library (part of it)
Coconut water with lime is the BEST!


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