The trouble of interviewing someone who does not think like you

My thesis treats the subject of abortion and I will boldly say that abortion is a hot subject non-dependent on where you go in the world (even in Sweden), because my experience is that close to everyone hold their personal opinion about it. If it should be restricted or not, how it should be, why it is good or bad, who should decide and so on. Women from the Northern Europe, like me myself, have had access to abortion roughly said the last 50 years give or take and may be it is seen as obvious for us. It is absolutely not like that in the rest of the world as you may already know. And to sit down and talk to someone about something that is obvious and a matter of course for me but not even slightest to that person, that is a very special experience and many it times it is hard to hear about. Something that is important to think about is that this is their reality and who am I to say that “No, that is not how it is. You should think like this.” That is just patronizing and colonial thoughts all over again. This society is so different from ours and the history as well, so of course there is another way of thinking, arguing and coping with situations as well. But for me as a woman hearing thoughts and opinions against women held by other women is something rather hard.

But you surely learn from it, so much! Doing this study has been such a unique experience that it is hard to explain. I have learned new things every day, it has been overwhelming a lot of the time, I have met wonderful people and it is just wow! Without a doubt this experience have developed me as a person, student and a woman. It is hard work that is for sure, a field study is not the easy way of doing a thesis, but so worth it!

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