Amazing time


17 july -27 july

Already three wonderful weeks have passed. Overall, my weeks have surpassed all of my expectations. Happy to tell you guys, my weeks are filled with amazing sights and experiences.


As planned, I regularly spend 3-4 days per week at the Family Physician Health Center to continue to collect data for my work. I have reached amount of 35 mother-child pairs and I have 15 left. While examining the pairs I feel meaningful purpose, knowing that this isn’t just a thesis that has to be done, but also that those mother-child pairs hereafter will become aware about their oral health and will get enlightened with education to maintain a good oral hygiene. Not only education, but also distribution of dental kits that will be given to them such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. This will have a significant impact in improving oral health. In terms of their bad dental status the challenges are big, but so are the rewards.

We are having a great opportunity to make a significant difference in their lives.


In the end of every examination I can see and feel a sense of appreciation in their eyes. Experiencing that rewards can be so big after little investment is truly amazing. This really fuels my entire day and due to this I wake up every morning with momentum and go to sleep with satisfaction.

I spend the rest of the days at the University where my supervisor works. At the Clinic I continue to collect relevant articles to work, analyzing saliva samples and get my own patients to treat.

Another great part of the day is looking forward to getting my own patient to examine and treat them because I experience different cases and learn a different system of treating. It is so instructive to explore similarities and learn the differences between the countries for example, how we examine, how we meet the patients, how we diagnose and what factors mostly matters.

I’m ending my days jogging together with my supervisor Dr Turksel to the forest and mountains to capture the nature and release my thoughts because I believe the nature is a great equalizer. I’m truly amazed by the size and variety of the natural environments and I just can’t get enough of it.




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