Introductory/preparatory post


Thought it was time for me to post a little introductory/preparatory post here on the blog since my countdown is now down to only a week left until my departure to Accra, Ghana!

So far I think I’ve managed to get everything sorted before leaving! Packing is still on the to-do list… As well as some more school assignments…

As mentioned in my introduction, I’m going to Ghana to conduct a minor field study. The material I will collect during this study will be my main material for my bachelor thesis that I’m currently writing! Human trafficking is a subject that has had my interest for many many years, and children’s rights are my big passion. Since this MFS is funded by SIDA I will be going to Ghana for my study, but I find it very important that people from developed countries understand that trafficking in children also happens in their countries! People around me sometimes say that it doesn’t happen in Sweden (for example), but IT DOES. I will never stop trying to share my knowledge and experience in this area, and this field study for my thesis writing is definitely one way I will be doing that!

Next update will be live from Ghana!

Preparations for Ghana!

So I planned to post my first blog post when the preparations for my trip had started so that one can follow every step of the experience. Since I’ll be travelling to Ghana I thought that I might as well blog in english so that my supervisor, interviewees, my fellow students and family abroad can follow my experiences. Also since my program is in english. Anyways, all the preparations have seriously started now and I’m very excited! I’ve booked my train ticket to Härnösand for the course that’s taking place there. Also these last 2 weeks I’ve taken all the necessary vaccines. (Which was scary by the way, cause I’m truly scared of needles!). I also figured I need to learn how to operate the dictaphone for my interviews, so I’m now trying to acquaint myself with that. And some days ago I finally booked my ticket! Took me about 2 weeks to decide on that so I’m happy and relieved that it’s done.

Well, for now I’m trying to organize and plan the studying part and I’ve found tons of useful literature. So now I’m planning and hoping that the most important parts that could be done in advance like introduction, previous research, theory, method etc. will be completely finished before departure.

Other than this there’s not much happening when it comes to the preparations. Meanwhile I have a paper to be handed in soon, so I’ll have to work on that. Will keep you posted, so stay tuned! 🙂