I feel sick, fever and malaria. I had been taken to a local hospital to see a doctor. The doctor had given me some injections, prescribed drugs for me and had advised me to take some rest. Therefore, I feel I should be allowed to continue with my field studies after resting for some days. This weekend we are going to village to witness a festival celebration which is one of my methodologies way to gather information through observation and interviews.
Meanwhile, thanking you and assuring you of my efforts as ever I put in.


The interviews, discussion and surveys went fine yesterday even due there is heavy rain fallout. Rain is falling everyday and according to the indigenous people they said that this is the rainy season in South East, Nigeria. The Rainfall occurrence is the sign of the Long Rainy Season which normally starts in March and lasts to the end of July, with a peak period in June over most parts of southern Nigeria. It is a period of thick clouds and is excessively wet particularly in the Niger Delta and the coastal lowlands.

The fieldwork was closed after a long discussion summing up with teachers and teenagers and everybody was fully participated in the group discussions. Minor field study continues at Onitsha today, one of the biggest cities in South East, Nigeria.


Traveling Today for Minor Field Study

Hello !!!!

I’m traveling today to West Africa, Nigeria for my Minor Field Studies. I am so excited….

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Malmo University and SIDA for their generosity in funding the minor field studies scholarship. I am extremely honored to be this year’s recipient of the award.

The scholarship will contributed significantly to my research project and it allow me to focus more on my research and project. Thank you again for your generous support.