One term abroad is coming to an end

Yes, now I’m here in Milan and tomorrow evening I’m taking the plane back home to cold Sweden. It has been an amazing experience to leave and “work” in another country, to get to know the culture, the norms and for being able to be a part of the normal day/”vardag”!

Genova really has delivered, it is a wonderful city, really worth a lot of your time, you wan’t get disappointed! First, there where some people who said to me, Genova isn’t really a nice city, but I have to say I love it! There is a lot of culture and history in the city, there is an international atmosphere , it is a port city and very close to smaller cities at the beaches. If you want to take a trip to Florenze, Verona etc. is only maximum four hours away. The longer I lived in the city, the more I realized I had to see, and now the day before departure, I realise I have to go back and discover more in this lovely city!

From the beginning I wasn’t sure there would be such great differences in social work as I discovered. I have been doing my internship mostly in the third sector, which is very usually in Italy. The organisation form cooperative was definitely something new for me and interesting to experience. I also had the opportunity to visit a “assistente sociale”, and the office they were working in.

Now when I look back, Italy and Sweden has some things in common when it comes to social work, but there is also a lot of things in diverse and it is interesting to experience this differences! Even if it doesn’t take long time to travel here, there are a lot of differences!

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The sun is shining!

Because my internet crashed weeks ago I haven’t been able to post the post I wanted about my  stay here in Genova from October, so I will post it not. Better late than never? 🙂blog7blog6

The last weeks since my last blog has been bissy, in a good way. I try to plan my work so that a sometimes can go on trips, like a did for two weekends ago, I went to Florence, the city of beautiful art! I had really high expectations about Florence and of course I was more than contect with all the museums, places to visit, exhibitions, churches etc, but just to walk in as a city it was not really what I had expected.


Even if this was I the middle of October there was a lot of tourists. I had the opportunity to buy a special museum card so I didn’t have to stand in line, which saved me a lot of time, but still it was very crowded at the streets and in the restaurants. It was quite expensive to I think but definitely worth a visit. It was a special feeling to visit some of the famous places and in real life see so so famous paintings, statues etc. I felt really lucky to have this kind of experience. I went there over the weekend and I thought that I on Sunday morning should go to Galleria Dell’Academia to see David by DA VINCI. When I came there was so many tourists, even this early morning, but I thought: “I can’t leave Florence without visit and taking a picture of David, it is impossible”. So ofcourse I went in to this crowded place and got my pictures!


In total, at 2½ day I visited totalt 25 museum, exhibitions and churches, but YES it was difficult! J


I also had the opportunity to visit the Cinque Terre which are very famous here in the north of Italy. It is five beautiful small fishing villages which small colourful houses by the sea, fantastico! Usually iy is possible to walk between the villiages, it is not that far, but when I went some roads were closed, unfortunately. I had to take the train but it only took some minutes, but there was big problem with the trains that morning so I had to wait forever with of course A LOT of other tourists. Even if the tourist season starts to calme down, I thought there was a lot of tourists and it was not really suitable for this small villiages, but nothing to do with that. Instead I tried to make sure that I was one step ahead the groups! I became a little as a sport! The names of the villages are: Riomaggioare, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazze and Monterosso. My favourites were Riomaggiore and Manarola!


Now when I’m writing this I’m sitting on the morning train to Milano, and the surroundings has started to get some autumn colour, it is really beautiful! Thankfully in Genova we are stille blessed with good and nice weather most of the time. For some days now it has been a blue sky with any clouds and 20+. Belissima!




Wonderful Time

It might not have happened a lot since my last blog, but I have to say I really enjoy my time here in Genoa. The weather has been great today, hot, sunny without any cloud in the sky, absolutely perfect, took a cup of caffe at my terasse and enjoyed the view and sun, belissima, real life quality!


I’m doing my internship at two places, in a school and in a cooperative and I like the change in the work. Something in common for both places is of course the children, between the age of 6 to 15 in total. Every one is unique and all have their own experiences and personalities! I have to take the bus to the school, usually when I start at 8 am I take the bus 7:15, at latest, and by then the traffic is okay. If you wait to 8 à clock, the traffic jams are horrible! Not worth waiting for so long time for being late on a bus full (and then I mean really full) of people. No, my neighborhood is very quite in the morning, sleeping for a long time, so I think it is really nice to go out to the bus when most of the people are still sleeping and the Foccacerias are just opening. The smell of this lovely new fresh baked bread is like heaven, irresistible.


I have bought a tv for some company and for watching movies. There is a big library here called Berio where it is possible to rent movies for free, especially older Italian movies, really good! a good idea when I want to practice my Italian, I can have the subtitles or language on Italian! Right now I’m watching a chines history movie, great, but the only language was Chinese and the only subtitle available was Chinese or Italian, thought Italian was the best option…. 🙂


Tomorrow I will take the train to Florence and stay there over the weekend, I think it is going to be absolutely perfect and I’m really excited!


I will post some pictures from the Rolli Day event and hopefully after the weekend, I will quick upload pictures from Florence!

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September with Rolli Days and Genova’s history

I have been in Genova about one month now and the more time I spend in the city, the more I like it, really! First, I can admit that sometimes I was a little bit scared when I walked home at evening, the streets are very small etc, but I like the city more and more for each day.



Genova is quite a big city and     sometimes I forget that when I live and spend the most of my time in that quarter, but the city has some really beautiful quarters, gardens and big streets!


Two times a year, everybody has the oppurtunity to come and visit the Rolli days. Lucky me who spend my time here when the Rolli days was (last weekend). I took a guided tour with a good guide who talked about the Rolli system, when Genova was a really big and strong economy, other kind of history etc. It was really interesting. You can say that under the Rolli days you have the opportunity to come and visit several of the palaces at Via Garibaldi, one of the most famous and beautiful street in Genova. The rest of the days of the year it costs to visit the palaces, but under theese days, it is free! And the tourist information also offers guided tours, which can be we good if you want to understand what Rolli means!

You can say I have really good weather here. Last weekend it was soo nice weather so I went to the beach called Boccaddesse. It is a beautiful small village, part of Genova, famous for the fishing and the small beach with cute houses and a lot of houses with strong colours. It was really nice, but a lot of people, I wasn’t alone!

blogg4Beautiful Boccaddese!


blogg2Aquarium of Genova

More pictures are coming soon from Rolli Days!

Ciao Ciao!

New term, new contry, new experiences!

So, I wrote her last term also, when I was visiting Vilnius in Lithuania for a half years of studies.

This term I’m doing my “socionompraktik” internship here in Genoa, Italy. I arrived for about one and a half week ago but it feels like lot longer ago. Genoa is a big city, all people say different things about the population, from 700 000 to 1 000 000 miljon habitans in the Genoa-area. Even though it is a big city, the historical center and the historical parts of the city is one of the biggest in Europe. I live in the old Historic Center where the streets are really smalled, in italian called “vico”. It different from the streets I use to know in Malmö and some times it really reminds you of “Lady and Lufsen” – the Disney movie.

So what do I do here in Genoa? I have to mainly places where I do my internship, first at a home for children and secondly on a school a little bit outside the city center where I observ the integration of children with special needs and are supporting the teachers in the english courses.
Yet, the students hasn’t arrived because the school starts official about some days. But I’m looking forward to meet the kids in the school.

So until now, I have most been at the structure as we call the home and visited different meetings at the school. I also had the opportunity to do my own sightseeings here in the city, which I needed because it is really easy to take the wrong street when you visit the historic center. There is a big aquarium in Genoa, some people says it is famous in Europe, i don’t know but it was nice to visit. I also started to drink the italian coffe which is lovely!!!

In Genoa there is an airport but if you want to flight from copenhagen it is really expensive and it take a lot of time because you have to change flight in France och Germany. So a good way to go to Genoa, and the same way I took, is to flight to Milano (2h) and then take the train (about 2h 30 min in total from Milano Airport). It was a nice experience to take the train, a lot of green areas, mountains and small villages.


Soon I will post some picture!

Summer and exams

Well, so much has happened since the last time I wrote.

First of all I have been away, I went to Riga in Latvia and Russia! Riga is a beautiful city, feels much bigger than Vilnius, more international and much more easy to speak english! A nice experience and it is really easy and cheap to travel to the nereast contries by bus from Lithuania and Vilnius. Especially if you are student you can get really good price of different trips!

My “biggest” trip was to Russia, and it was an amazing experience!!!! First we went to St Petersburg, later on to Vieliky Novgorod and last to Moscow! St Petersburg and Moscow was hughe but absolutely wonderful, big beautiful building, friendly people and a lot of museums, churches etc. And once again, to be a student abroad gives to possibility to have great prices and experience a lot!

Vieliky Novgorod is a really old City between St Petersburg and Moscow (it is about 500km to Moscow from there). It is really a typical sovjet city but has a lot of older history and we had a nice guide to told us about everything from battles to vikings and traditions.
After my trip can say that Russia if the contry of contrasts!

We went by bus between the cities which gave us the opportunity to see more. To go bo buss was a good idea but I couldn’t imagine how the “big” road should be…. I expected a good high way, but I was soo wrong…

One very interesting thing in Moscow was that I had the opportunity to watch the 1 of may parade which is the Labours Day in Russia and is a very big celebration on the Red Square.
Finally I also had the opportunity to by a really nice Mathryoskha, post cards and travel books.


Right now it is like summar here in Vilnius, beautfil weahter, hot actually and almost everyday the sun is shining. That good for me because I’m doing all my exams now, I have done three and I have two more. And of course the biggest and most difficult is saved for last… But at the same time it is a fun period with some press but also a sign that my time here in Lithuania is coming to an end. It is a little bit sad because I really like to be abroad and to be a exchange student is a fantastic opportunity, but at the same time I will appriciate to have a room on my own, cook nice food and have some peaceful and quite time on my own.

Luckely for the next exchange student who will live in the dorms, they are going to renovate this summer!!


Back to Lithuania

Well, yesterday I came back to Lithuania after spending the easter with my family back home in Sweden. I can really say it was nice to be home in Sweden, sleeping in my own bed without earplugs, close the door when I wanted privacy and take good showers!


To be home was a good time to think, get knew energy and reflect a little bit over the time I have been in Lithuania. To be home was a good way to get perspectives and to think about all the differences between living in the countries.

When I came to Lithuania it was impossible not to notice the different living conditions, but coming home made it even more clear.


To got back to Lithuania was not difficult but I most admit I enjoyed home. I thought that maybe the spring was on its way hear to but when I came it was a lot of rain and storm and I start to think if there really is a spring in Lithuania, but i most be!

It is about midterm right now and I start to think a little bit about the final exams in june, even if it is a long time until then! Right now there is quit a lot to do in school and there is never a time when I can sit back and se “I don’t have anything to study”.
I have so say I am impressed about the quality of the education, in the beginning I was a little bit sceptical but now I really can feel I have learned a lot. And learning is not only about the subject in the classes, it is also about myself. To be abroad really is a time to get to know and develop yourself.


Well, I will keep holding my thumbs and wish that the spring soo will be really on its way in Lithuania.

Spring on its way

So, I have been living in Vilnius for over 7 weeks now. Today I went to the rail station because I should fix my visa for my trip to Russia in April. On my way home, searching for the bus stop I took the wrong street so I got lost. But it was actually good to get lost, because I had a chance to explore new parts of the city as I haven’t visit before. I got the opportunity to see new quarters in the old parts of the city, I found a lot of small places to eat and know I now where I will go this weekend!


Overall I really enjoy to live in Vilnius. It is a little bit different from other cities in Europa, especially capitals. In Vilnius their lives about 550-600 000 people and the most famous part of the city is the old town with all the beautiful buildings, churches, cafés and so on. There is a lot of history in Vilnius so if you are interest in history, the city is a very good place, both for old history and modern history.


If you go outside the old town, you will see a totally opposite side of the city, no colour and everything looks the same. When I took the bus to the city centre, I passed several of buildings, they look all the same and the only difference between them is the house number, written with big numbers at one of the walls. I will later, when not also the sky is grey, post some pictures, because it is quite interesting and different from Sweden.
When I first arrived I had a hard time when I went shopping etc. because Lithuania people normally doesn’t smile when you meet the out walking or when you are doing you groceries etc. It is a lot of exchange student who under lectures has said the same and usually the professors answer them that a Lithuania smile is very nice, but not that usual.


For some weeks ago it started to snow and it got really cold, but today, actually I think the spring is on its way even to Vilnius.

Mardi Gras and some good tips if you are thinking about going abroad

Well, To long since a wrote a post so this will be a long one! 🙂
At saturday 14/2, we celebrated Mardi Gras here in Vilnius. A tradition and celebration that the winter is over and spring is coming! I think it was a mix between the swedish easter and Halloween.
I Went out to the old Town and city central with some friends and their was a carnaval and tables were people were Selling home made products, traditional Lithuanian specialties and of course food!
Traditional Lithuanian food is thick panncakes, bean stew, a lot of meat, potatoes, union, beethrow with carrot etc. It is not the easy to be a vegan/vegetarian here because a lot of dishes are based on meat, especially the traditional food.

Later at the evening their were some fire shows at Lithuanian language so we didn’t understood anything but it was really cool. I presume it was a story about the sun defeating the dark and cold, probably the winter.
Over oll a really good day with some good food, nice experience and also a visit to the Cinema.

Well, I have been here in Lithunia over Three weeks now and I really enjoy my time. I live in dorm and share a small room with a girl. We all share bathroom and “kitchen”. It is important not to have any expectations otherwise you may will be disapointed. Now I’m jused to the way we are living here in the dorms but I remember when i first arrived here there were a lot of students who were “chocked” of the living conditions.
I have to say I like it and you get used to it. Even if you not Always want to talk with people, it is very nice to live in dorms because there is Always someone you can talk with if you want, otherwise you just have to smile, be polite and say hello when you see someone.

I’m not that person who likes to hang out with people 24 hours 7 Days a week, I get really exhausted. So a really good tip for you who are concern about living in dorm or go abroad: it is okay to not participate in Everything and just listen to you self. Today I actually were really tired, I had classes until 19:30 and when I came up to my floor there were about 70 persons screaming, dancing etc… Then it is okay to take care of ourself, try to find some minutes for yourself. If you are scared “you will miss something” relax, there will be A LOT of other activities. Here for an example there are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday party on clubs until 4:30. Over that almost everyday there is something happening so there will be plenty of things to join if you want.

The sun hasn’t been shining since I came almost but now it has been shining for some Days and it is really Lovely, worth the waiting time! But it is SO COLD XD

Better and better!!

What a cliché but I have to admit that time runs fast when you have a great time! There is a lot of things that has happened since Monday.

First of all I have to agree and say sharing a small room with someone and kitchen, bathroom and shower with MANY PEOPLE isn’t easy. Somehow I think I’m doing better for each day.

Today we have been to Trakai, the old capital of Lithuania. It was nice, there was an old castle and lakes, I also tried some traditional Lithuanian food. I thought I was used to the cold from home but I was really wrong. Wind and snow made the trip so cold, still very refreshing!

I have been really tired for some days, for many reasons. I think I start to relax and actually enjoy my dormitory and to be with so many people, in the same time it really takes time to adjust and “accept” things like a really dirty kitchen and people who are screaming and partying 5 a.m. But I say to myself I will get used to it!

I told you about our planned trip to IKEA, well it didn’t went so well… We got lost whit the busses and we ended up somewhere and no one spoke English so instead we went to a nice restaurant. Yesterday we went to a shop called Maxima and bought everything we needed for the kitchen and some things for the room. As you can see in the pictures we try to separate the room to get some privacy. I’m so happy about the results!!!!

Now I’m going to look on some series, good night!!!

DSC00096famous castle in Trakai, 30km from Vilnius

 DSC00099 DSC00103 DSC00115 DSC00149 DSC00114 DSC00078Yeah, some privatcy!!

 DSC00081our one and only!