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On this page we present the students who blog during their studies abroad. Please click on the student’s name to follow their individual blog posts:

Rebecka Schmidt and Sara Marknäs, studying Master of Arts/Science in Secondary Education, are a part of the Linneus-Palme exchange programme. They will study at Samtse College of Education, part of the Royal University of Bhutan, in Bhutan during the Autumn semester of 2019. Posting pictures and experiences from Bhutan will hopefully inspire more teacher students to study abroad. 


Juliette Gerbais, studying International Migration and Ethnic Relations has been selected to participate in the 2019 INU event; Cross Cultural Summer Program at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, USA. Read all about her exciting month in the USA here!



Mafaz Mahmoud is one of our exchange students under the Erasmus+ program and she will be in York, England from January – June 2019 studying at York St. John’s University. Expect posts about the city, the university, and fun activities related to social events.



Jari, Kristine and Anette spent a week in Indonesia in January 2019, learning all about Global Transportation and Mobility. They took part in the International Student Conference organized by UNPAR, Indonesia, within our universal university network INU.


Yara, Eman, Cecilia and Greta had a once-in-a-lifetime experience taking part in the Hiroshima Summer School in Japan in August 2018. Read their blog-post on how their experiences changed their view of the world!

This is Jakob Svensson,  studying Graphic Design. He will spend the month of July in the United States where he has been selected to participate in the Cross Cultural Summer Program on Leadership and Global Engagement at James Madison University. Jakob will share all his experiences and adventures in this blog!


Dina Samir, Sofia Hansson, Inga Stumpp and Khalil Mutalimzada left their winter coats behind and traveled to Bali in January 2018 to participate in the INU International Student Conference on Climate Change. During the Conference they took part in keynote lectures, workshops, field visits, and cultural activities.

Leah Monsees is one of three students that were chosen to participate in the INU Student Conference in Hiroshima, Japan with the theme “Free and Equal: The United Nation´s turn to Human Rights Protection Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI).” Leah “came home with a full heart” – read all about her experience here!


Our two Nursing students Camilla Perming and Ludmila Betina spent almost two weeks in Hiroshima, Japan this August and learned all about “Global Perspectives on Quality and Safety: Improving Patient Outcomes”. This study abroad experience was a part of the INU Summer School for Nursing students.


In August Akinalp Orhan participated in the INU Master’s Summer School on Global Citizenship and Peace in Hiroshima, Japan. The theme of the Master Summer School this year was “Free and Equal: The United Nation´s turn to Human Rights Protection Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI).”               


This is the blog of Vappu Vuori and Louise Koblauch, two students from Malmö University studying International Relations at Flinders University. Vappu is a 22-year-old girl from Finland. She studies Human Rights at the department of Global Political Studies. Louise is from Canada and studies International Migration and Ethnic Relations also at the department of Global Political Studies. For the autumn of 2017, Vappu and Louise will be studying in Adelaide for an exchange semester at Flinders University. In addition to their studies these two girls are also interested in sports, outdoor activities but most of all are interested in traveling and exploring the wonders that Australia has to offer. Stay tuned for updates about their semester abroad!

img_2776Fanny, Mikaela, Oscar and Peter will start their new year; 2017, by participating in the International Student Conference on Global Citizenship in Bali, Indonesia! They will learn all about food, water and energy nexus and they will strive to make a better future for all! Follow them on their blog where they will keep you updated by writing, sketching, filming and post pictures! Terima kasih!

Sam and Karolina are two master students of Malmö University that will take part in the INU Master’s Summer School on Global Citizenship and Peace in Hiroshima Japan this August. The theme of the Master Summer School this year is Indigenous Rights in a Global Context. Sam and Karolina will each prepare an essay before heading to Hiroshima, where their essays will be discussed together by students from other INU member universities.

Malmö Students in HiroshimaEren, Heidi and Kajsa have been selected to participate in the INU Student Seminar on Global Citizenship & Peace in Hiroshima, Japan, August 2016. They are all students at Malmö University and will be our representatives among students from 13 other INU universities from all over the globe.The theme of the 2016 Seminar is Indigenous Rights in a Global Context.

rebecka känguru 1My name is Rebecka and I’m 20 years old. At Malmö University, I’m studying Peace and Conflict Studies, but I’m currently doing one year abroad (semester 4 and 5), at Murdoch University in Perth (Australia). The units I take here down under are within Murdoch’s undergraduate program ”Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism” and I use this year as a specialisation for my Bachelor degree back home. My interest in politics started with a love for history when I was in elementary school. This later, as the years went by, evolved to a wish to make the world a better place by giving everyone the same chances and freedoms as I as a Swede have. This is my journey to reach my goal!

Frida LIND_bloggMy name is Frida Lind and I am currently doing an internship at the Swedish Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York. As a side-project during this period, I will share interesting stories, have interviews with people who are engaged for a better world and show the interlinkages of the global level and the local level, with an emphasis on the importance of young people as actors. I will foremost concentrate on the roles youth and the “regular people” play for the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. I will connect experiences from one of the biggest international institutions in the world, the UN, with the experiences I got last year from my field-study in Tanzania (where I collected material for my thesis in International Relations). In the fall-semester 2016 I will travel to schools and universities and discuss youth involvement for development. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, and/or are interested in getting a lecture, you are most welcome to contact me on: frida.lind@outlook.es

hohoMy name is Sophie Sjögegård and I’m a 22 year old girl from a small town in the “middle of Sweden”. I study my third year at Malmö university to become a teacher in the upper grades of primary school. During this semester i will study in a small town in the English countryside, Worcester. (Yes, the Worcester sauce is from here. =) ) In this blog i will write about my daily adventures at University, because every day is an adventure worth living! Happy reading!

Christina Nielsen Picture

My name is Christina Nielsen. I’m 22 years old and originally from Denmark. I’m currently spending my fourth semester at Coventry University in England, doing literature and linguistics courses. Back at Malmö University I’m in my second year of my English Studies BA. It has always been my dream to study in England, so when I got the chance to actually do, I grabbed it! I’ll be writing about what I’m doing here in Coventry, as well as give a few tips on some of all the things you are not told when going abroad!

IMG_20151024_184220My name is Sara Bergdahl. I’m  22 years old from from a small town in Sweden.  At Malmö I am in my second year of English Studies and have now gone on an exchange to Rangsit university in Thailand. I choose to go on an exchange since I love travelling, experience new cultures and meet new people, and thought an exchange would combine all the tree.

Helene, Ceciliimage1a and Yegor are three students from Malmö University that got selected the International Student Conference in Bandung, Indonesia in January 2016. This year’s conference theme will be “Sustainable Rural Development: Moving Towards Inclusion for All”. You will be able to follow their week long adventure here on the blog.



Hi everyone! My name is Evgenia Isaeva. I am an international student from Russia studying International Relations in Malmö. This autumn I have an elective semester, so I am going on exchange to Coventry University in the UK. This is going to be my very first time in the UK so I am absolutely excited about it and willing to share my experience with you on this blog.


1440003347027Annyeonghaseyo! I´m Lena Huck, a 21 year old German studying at Korea University, Seoul, Korea for one semester. Back in Malmö I study International Relations and in Seoul I´ll focus on regional politics. It´s my first time in Asia and I´m super-excited about it. My main reasons to go to Korea on exchange were the city, the rising importance of Asia in the world, geopolitics, I wanted something very different to my own culture and last but certainly not least: the people. I had a Korean friend in primary school and since then always wanted to visit.

Emma SjöbergMy name is Emma Sjöberg and I am a 43 years old student on the environmental science program at Malmö University. I became a sightly over aged student when I after 20 years practice as a teacher decided to study again. Now I’m facing a challenge and adventure going to Hiroshima participating in INU summer summit about environmental science. You can follow my journey here at my blog starting from late July.

jennieHi, I’m Jennie Eriksson, a third year student at the nursing programme at Malmö University. This spring I will finish my last semester at La Trobe University in Melbourne. The studies include theoretical courses as well as clinical placement. I’m sure it will be a great adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you.


DSC00037Hello everyone! My name is Fanny Appelgren and I’m studying at the Socionomprogrammet. This semester, VT15, I will be abroad in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. In my blog you can follow me in my daily life at the university, Mykolas Romeris University, my life in the dormitory and so on. One of my biggest interests are training so I’m sure I will be talking about training opportunities as well as good restaurants and many other things!

Anna Lepisova – second-year student of the bachelor prograannamme
of International Migration and Ethnic Relations. I am passionate about travelling since I believe by seeing and experiencing other places on my own I can understand the world much deeper and hopefully make it a better place in the future. Therefore I chose Australia to be my next journey, particularly La Trobe University in Melbourne, where I will study courses related to migration and thus gain a wider perspective.

I am Céline Sonneberg, and I am from Bremen in Germany. 10665313_855635931113606_6456709374268618144_n
I started studying International Relations at Malmö Högskola last year and have spent my last semester doing an internship in a human rights organization in Germany. Now I will study International Politics and Media Studies at Sussex University in Brighton and I am beyond excited. I absolutely love travelling and exploring new cultures and I have loved visiting the UK since I was six. Now I look forward to learn even more about the land of Fish´n´Chips, Harry Potter and huge fry ups for breakfast and hope you join me on my journey!


Dania Salih, third year graphic design student. I will be studying PR & Marketing at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Besides studying I plan to explore the country, skate, shop, eat, work out, and hang out with new people.


hCecilia Johansson
, second year student at International Migration & Ethnic Relations (IMER). I will be studying my second semester at Ristumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. I love meeting other people from different countries and cultures, and I consider my self being a citizen of the world. As this is my second semester in Japan, I will do my best to share this upcoming adventure in both words and pictures with other students at Malmö University. Enjoy!


Petra Danielsson: My fifth semester as a graphic design student will be located at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. I’m super exited about the exchange and hope to share as much of my thoughts and experiences as possible of it with you!



LottaI’m Lotta Olsson, a second year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Study and Career Counselling at Malmö University. I’m going to spend my semester abroad at La Trobe University just outside of Melbourne, Australia. I’m doing courses in Communication, Politics and Social Work. I look forward to tell you about my life down under and share stories about what’s happening at an Australian university but also around it.


Diala Arsofli, third year student of English Studies (BA). Canada is the destination. My Autumn Semester 2014 will be spent in Guelph, Ontario. I will observe and report everything back to you, my readers, so that you (and I!) can get a better picture of what this country truly beholds of secrets and mysteries. My pen is ready. Notebooks have been stacked. Let’s do this!


My name is Kia Kyhl an I’m a student at the Human Rights Bachelor at Malmö University. This is my 4th semester and I’m spending it abroad at Korea University in Seoul. I am very interested in international politics and find Asia and especially the North/South Korea tension to be extremely important and interesting in temporary international relations. I hope to experience a new outlook on the world and to meet a lot of cool people.


Nadja El-Hinidy Nilsson, third year student at the bachelor programme of social work. I will do an exchange semester in Melbourne, Australia at the Australian Catholic University. I will of course write about my academic experiences but I also hope to explore the music scene, art and a lot of food in Melbourne during my semester away from the cold swedish winter!



Hanna Hallgren & Johanna Gardell are two second year students on exchange at University of Ottawa. During the winter term of 2014 Hanna studies gender & sociology and Johanna studies sociology & cinema. When not in school Hanna likes running and hitting the gym, drinking coffee and explore the Canadian music scene. Johanna likes pilates and indoor cycling, cooking and cheese. Common interests are hanging out in pubs and drinking beer & unexpected little adventures. When not in Canada Hanna and Johanna studies Diversity Studies at Malmö University.

australienEmma Granat, fourth year student from Socionomprogrammet (BA). I am gonna spend the spring term of 2014 in Accra, Ghana. I will be writing about every day life, experiences and adventures during my time in Ghana!



Dónal, Dariela and JonDónal Gaynor, Dariela Escobar & Jon Högman are three students who have been given the chance to go to the international student conference on global citizenship “moving towards zero catastrophe in Bandung, Indonesia. Dariela is from Mexico and studying interaction design, Dónal is British/Irish and training to be a teacher and Jon is from Sweden and studies media and communications.

Mano nuotrauka 116

Emilija Riaukaite, international student from Lithuania. I am a second-year student in English studies and i’m doing my Erasmus exchange at Newcastle University, England. I will be writing about my new experiences, the atmosphere at Newcastle upon Tyne (and not only), the English culture and society, and my university-related adventures here in the UK.


kuva kopio 2-001Saara Terivaara, second year student from the English Studies program (BA). I will be spending my spring term 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. I really look forward on sharing a part of my experience in this exciting city and La Trobe University!



SaanaSaana Näreaho, originally from Finland.  Second year student from the English Studies program (BA). I will be studying in Kingston, Jamaica for the spring term of 2014. I will do my best to explore and enjoy life on the island and will write about all kind of experiences.



Kadi LevoKadi Levo, originally from Estonia. Third year student in English Studies (BA). On my second exchange semester now in York, England (York St John University). I was in University of Western Sydney last semester and had such a great time, so I decide to spend another semester abroad. I love travelling, meeting new people and capture all this in photos as photography is my passion.

Andreas Olsson, Interaction Design student from K3 Malmö University, currently studying at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore India. I really wish to share what I experience and see in this amazing country with my new found hobby of photography.

Charlotte RemusCharlotte Remus, BA student from the International Relations programme. I am keen to inform all fellow Students at Malmö University about my exciting exchange semester at Melbourne University.



Cristina GhitaCristina Ghita, BA student from the English Studies programme. I am spending the following term at Newcastle University, England. I am very passionate about English language and literature, these being two subjects that I look forward to study in my exchange.



CarolineTomsfeltCaroline Tomsfelt, MA student from the International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) program. Travelling with my friend Sofia to Japan to participate in the INU Master’s Summer School on Global Citizenship and Peace..



Sarah, Nadja, Hedvig and LeaHedvig Obenius (GPS), Sarah Ochsner (GPS) and Nadja El-Hinidy Nilsson (HS),
We are three of the four participants of the INU 2013 Student seminar of global citizenship and peace, held in Hiroshima, Japan. Nadja El-Hinidy Nilsson is studying social work at the faculty of health and society. Hedvig Obenius and Sarah Scott Oschner are studying human rights at the faculty of culture and society at Malmö University.

During the seminar in Japan we will share our experinces, both personal and academic, with the hopes of encouraging other students at Malmö University to apply for next years INU seminar!

Kevin & LinneaKevin Malmborg and Linnea Tell, students of environmental science at the institution of Urban Studies, are blogging from Hiroshima, Japan and the INU Master’s Summer School for Environmental Science.



Linda Alfredsson, nursing student at Health and Society, is blogging from Hiroshima, Japan and the INU Workshop on Global Health and Nursing.

Tomas Kaminski, teacher student, blogs from his exchange in the US at Georgia State University during the Spring semester 2013.

Michel Anderlini, Global Political Studies, blogs from the Student Conference on Global Terrorism in January 2013 in Bandung, Indonesia.

Maria Nyström, Byggprogrammet, blogs from the Student Conference on Environmental Sustainability in January 2013 in Bandung, Indonesia.

Pooja Sharafi, Social Work – blogs from Japan in August 2012 and from Ghana where he’s doing an exchange in Accra during the Autumn of 2012 (in Swedish)


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