About Emma Sjöberg

Emma is a Malmö student attending the INU Master's Summer School on Environmental Science in Hiroshima Japan, August 2015.

Back in Sweden

There was not so much blogging in Japan, the days were soon filled with other activities. I have now arrived to Sweden and I’m summarizIng all the impressions. The greatest experience from the trip has to be all the amazing people I met, both students and teachers. It have ro lead to something good when so many nationalities come together and realize how similar they are as humans, despite such differeces in terms of environmental problems. So grateful that I got to do this trip and damn what good food I have eaten!

“First time”

My first morning in Japan. I came to Saijo yesterday afternoon, feeling a bit jetlagged and alone. Today I have taken my first jog and got outside the city to a small “forest”, good for the body and soul. In the afternoon we’ll meet for the first time, exiting and scary.

Departure closing in…..

Finally I have booked all tickets and hotels for the journey. I was accompanied by my daughter to Malmö to pick up my Yen. I don´t think there has ever been a more nervous student going abroad then me. Before departure to Japan my family and I will go on a vaccation to Dalarna arriving home only a day ahead so I need to get started packing now…