Since I’m only her for one semester, I chose to stay and spend Christmas and new year here. My friends, along with 99% of QMU students have gone home, but as much as I hate goodbyes, I am happy to have met these amazing people and experienced this semester with them. It’s been a crazy 4 months and I am extremely sad that it is coming to an end.

The friendships I made here are ones that i want to last a lifetime. I had no idea what to expect coming into this, and what I got was love, laughter, caring and sharing, silly arguments, a few tears, loads of sweat, funny snapchats, and of course food! I’m going to miss all the parties, the movie nights, the dates, the tea times, the study sessions, the workouts at the gym, the laundry, grocery shopping…EVERYTHING! I am going to miss my QMU family. <3

I plan to visit QMU in the spring because the thought of leaving this place for good is unacceptable!




Deadlines, All-nighters, & Sleep-ins

Unlike many of my friends and my poor law-studying sister, i had no exams. I had essays, a business plan, and a presentation, I did most of it at night in my beloved QMU Library. 🙂 It’s all done now and I’ve been enjoying my time since tuesday 9th dec. Which is probably the reason why i’m sick now for the 3rd time this semester 🙁 Scotland why do you hate me!?
The business plan and interview results are in, got 2 As 😉 , still waiting on the rest, fingers crossed!



All-nighters at the library

All-nighters at the library

Sleeping in everyday!

Sleeping in everyday!

Businessplan with Louis

Businessplan with Louis

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

PR Essay all-nighters

PR essay all-nighters

PR essay done

PR essay done

PR essay submission

PR essay submission

PR Presentation

PR Presentation

PR with Caroline

PR Presentation with Caroline

Been-theres and Done-thats

Soooo, it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been very busy but it’s all over now and the fun has just begun. This post will be short and visual, covering a few things I’ve done in november.

Transgression Park
The only park I’ve been to so far 🙁


Pretended to be tourists for about an hour then sis and I hit the mall 🙂

glasgowstation02 glasgowgarden

glasgow chapel


Christmas Market
Checked it out quickly, too cold and too crowded. I need to go back there with more clothes and patience.

xmasmarket xmasmarket2

Scotland vs England
I was probably the only happy England fan in the room 🙂


My first Thanksgiving ever, arranged by my new American Friend Gervon 🙂



Krispy Kreme
Heaven in my mouth. Got donuts with my flatmate at 3am while taking a break from an assignment 🙂


RIP pink Hairdryer
Probably the reason i got sick again (I’m sick again, 3rd time this semester!)


/Dania OUT!


No need for an introduction, Halloween was…a disaster! My costumes was a success (Betty Boop) but my friends and I ended up wandering the streets IN HIGH HEELS trying to find a club that wasn’t packed, and later that night, a bus that wasn’t packed. We ended up getting KFC 5 mins before closing time, then waiting for a bus for 2 hours and finally taking a taxi. :/ DISASTER!