Del 2

Tillslut kom min vän Sam och räddade mig när jag låg och vred mig utav smärta på akuten. Det kändes väldigt betryggande att ha honom där och kunde tala för mig. När han väl var på plats kom läkarna och förklarade att sjukhuset inte hade någon elektricitet och att jag behövde röntga mitt knä innan de kunde dra det rätt. Den frustrerande känslan infann sig av att “kan de inte se att mitt knä är ur led och bara dra tillbaka det?”

Men det var bara att infinna sig med att det behövdes ytterligare en bilresa innan mitt knä kunde dras rätt. Under denna resa fick jag åka liggandes men det var verkligen den mest smärtsamma resa jag någonsin har gjort. Vägarna här nere är inte alltid asfalterade och väldigt guppiga och självklart var det den mest guppigaste vägen vi var tvungna att köra (Vi har åkt den vägen nu i efterhand och vägen är verkligen guppig!)´Resan kändes som en evighet och det enda jag kunde göra var att hålla Sam i handen och skrika. Jag måste säga att jag var inte vid fullt medvetande under hela resan. Väl framme på den andra kliniken tog vi röntgen bilder och väntade på att få åka tillbaka till sjukhuset. Resan tillbaka var lika smärtsam som resan dit.

Tillbaka på sjukhuset flyttade de mig till kirurgavdelningen och berättade att elektriciteten fortfarande inte var tillbaka och att jag bara fick ligga och vänta till den kom tillbaka. På avdelningen fick jag smärtstillande så smärtan började tillslut bli hanterbar efter fyra timmars väntan. Att ligga på ett sjukhus i Ghana utan elektricitet är väldigt svettigt kan jag lova men mina fantastiska vänner Sam och Chris var mycket bra sällskap. Efter två timmars väntan kommer tillslut elektriciteten tillbaka och jag kan äntligen bli körd in till operationen Mina ord var att ge mig all smärtstillande jag kan få. Jag lovar att vakna efter. Inne på operationen fick jag massa bedövning och kände att jag bara försvann bort.

När jag vaknade upp var mitt ben hel gipsat och smärtan borta! Jag var tvungen att spendera natten på sjukhuset  vilket var lite läskigt. Dagen efter var allt fokus på att få åka tillbaka till vandrarhemmet. Jag fick ett par kryckor och en man som jobbar för mitt försäkringsbolag körde tillbaka mig. De nästkommande veckorna spenderades huvudsakligen i sängen med mycket vila…

Nu är det några veckor sedan allting har hänt och jag har haft min underbara vän Lina här på besök en vecka :).Jag kan gå igen trots att jag haltar lite. Det har varit några fler födelsedagar. Internetet är halvt funderande då och då. Livet är fortfarande en fest och förhoppningsvis kommer det fler uppdateringar snart! 🙂


Marissa och Poppy


Laura och Kelly


Laura och jag på en konsert. Man kan ha roligt trots gips och kryckor.



The skies of Tynemouth

Yesterday, my Jamaican housemate said to me:

“If I asked you how your stay in England was, what would you say?”.

This one sentence made me rethink what I have done so far. What I told him was that I traveled way too little, but I was happy with the things I did.

So this is one of my biggest adventures here in England, my tiny trip to Tynemouth, a place where the sea meets the riverbed of Tyne.

The fastest and cheapest way to get there is to take a metro. So,accompanied by my loyal friends – my camera and my favorite book, Jack London’s “Martin Eden”, I began my day trip on the 17th April. I had delayed this trip a couple of times before due to rain and cold and was very uncertain about going there that particular day, but, having checked 5 different weather forecasts, I was quite convinced (as much as I could be, taking into account the charisma of the British weather) the sun would come out in the afternoon. I took a metro towards the coast and got lost in the world of Martin Eden for around half an hour, when the metro stopped at an all-white, straight-out-of-the-movie Tynemouth station.


After snapping some pictures (by the way, it was my first trip after I bought a cpl lens filter for my camera, which increases the color contrast between water and sky) so I was really excited to try that out), I started to walk towards the sea. The coastline didn’t have much to see, but what it had was truly amazing – the castle is located on a cliff right on the coast. Having grown up visiting the sandy beaches on the Baltic seacoast, I have never seen such high cliffs. However, the sky was grey all the time and soon it started raining, so I went to this restaurant I have been recommended by at least 6 people for its famous fish&chips.


Marshall’s is known as one of the best fish&chips places in the region, so I had to try that. The unusual thing was that they served it with a lemon half, so I could squeeze some juice on the dish, giving the taste of the fish a pleasurable trace of sourness. To sum up, the crust was a little too fatty for my personal taste, but I really liked the non-artificial taste of chips and the fish (cod) itself.


To my great joy, while I was eating, the dark clouds  backed away and the sun really did come out, so it was my chance to get crazy with the camera and walk around some more. These pictures will give you quite a good picture of what I saw 🙂


Up on the castle hill


King Edward’s Bay


The Castle


The sea gate


The castle cliff


I smell the 80s


This scene reminded me of a movie


Afternoon skies in Tynemouth


Snack break by the sea


Green house

.After a 3-hour walk along the coast, I got back to the metro station and took a metro towards Newcastle. It wasn’t a big and fancy trip, but this brightened my day and became one of my brightest exchange memories so far 🙂

Easter break in Australia.

It’s been a while since I posted something here, I keep forgetting about the blog. Anyway, my easter break is just finished and tomorrow it’s time to face reality – back to uni! I have four essays due in the next couple of weeks as well as several minor assignments. Then I have three final exams in june and this exchange semester is over. I already feel that the time has gone by super quickly here.

However, back to my easter break! My american friend Paige and I booked flights to Alice Springs in Northern Territory about a month ago. On tuesday we left Melbourne on our five hour delayed flight with Tiger air, which is a budget airline. I guess you get what you pay for… We got to Alice Springs safe and sound anyway and Miles from Toddy’s hostel picked us up. We had booked a three day tour with The Rock Tour, which included one night at a hostel before leaving at 5.30 am on wednesday for our first tour day. I keep forgetting how huge Australia is – we sat several hours each tour day in the van going to different places. This was part of the experience, meeting people from different parts of the world (we were around 20 people in the van taking the tour) and seeing almost no other people or cars on the road. The desert was the only surroundings and it was truly beautiful even if it became a bit hard to figure out where we were sometimes!

On tour day one we went to beautiful Kings Canyon for a three hour hike. It might not sound that hard but keep in mind that it was 30 degrees and no shadow anywhere… It was a good hike anyway and during the tour we got information about aboriginals and their history. It was very interesting and I would like to more about it since it is such a big part of Australia’s history and I feel a bit ashamed coming to Australia without having any deeper understanding of how of an impact this has had on the Australian society. I guess it is a good thing that I at least feel encouraged to read more about this now.

After our hike we had lunch in the sun and then went for a drive to Curtain Springs where we set up our bush camp. We made dinner over the camp fire and then we slept in sleeping bags underneath the stars, it was really beautiful and a great experience!

On day two we had to get up at 5.15 am – we were driving to Kata Tjuta to go on another hike. Our tour guide lied when he said that day one was the hardest part of the tour… However, it felt really good being outdoors for three whole days and sleeping underneath the stars. On the last day we saw the sunrise over Uluru and then we went for our last hike.

I had such a great time and I really recommend future exchange students in Australia to do this tour. However, a major critic of this trips is that it is based on the history of aboriginal culture but almost no money goes back to the aboriginal community, which I think is a great problem.










Paintball drama

I have been in Newcastle for three months now, but I could not say I have done or seen too much during that time. One of the most surprising things for me here was the fact that our spring break lasts one whole month, and I am on it now. I have been resting from everything for the first two weeks and here I am, constantly seeking for nice places to visit around Newcastle, but I’ll talk more about it on my next post.

When I arrived at Newcastle, I soon discovered that there are over 60 student societies in Newcastle University, and I wanted to find myself there. I tried the art society’s tie-dye workshop and was looking for something else to do when I found a Lithuanian society. Following me roots, I contacted them and immediately signed up for..paintball.

The more ‘firsts’, the longer the memories remain. So, on 30th March I found myself in a misty forest, hiding behind a barrel with paint splattered all over the glass of my protective mask, covered in mud and barely able to see yet aiming a  gun at my target. It had been reining for four days before we went there, so the conditions on the field were extreme. We often fell due to very muddy and slippery ground but the adrenaline spiked to high we could not care less about that. Looking back, despite all the bruises and blue paint in my hair, it was one of the most extreme adventures I went through in my life.

The finale

On Tuesday we had our final in Social Conflicts, Activism & Social Change, the one class that we have studied together, The location was in one of the big gym halls and we got “greeted” by rows of desks and chairs. 



Writing a in class exam is intimidating enough, but doing it all military style doesn’t make it easier! However, in one sense it did make it fun as we both began to laugh nervously when we spotted the layout and started to take photos of the location as this was all new to us.



We also managed to get a snap with Professor Sawan! He has been a great lecturer and motivator.



Now we are both done with our finals which means that our summer break has started in the middle of April this year. Opa!

Oh So Good

Är inne i en riktig prokrastinerings fas just nu! Trots att det är finals tider och allt. Så därför blir det ett inlägg om ett fik med makalösa tårtor nu 🙂

Fiket Oh So Good i Byward Market erbjuder tårtor i alla dess möjliga smaker och kombinationer. Bitarna kan med fördel delas, men för den gotte sugna så går det att klämma en hel helt själv jätte bra också!



Jag och sällskapet valde en mango-raspberry cheesecake variant samt en white chocolate mousse gateaux! Lägg märke till tekannorna som innehöll ca tre koppar té och jämför med tårtbitarna för att få en uppfattning om storleken på godsakerna..



Oh So Good har en himla massa sittplatser, mycket konst och mysig belysning. Det har kvällsöppet till kl 23 på vardagar och kl 24 på helger så en fin hot spot på kvällstid! Verkar inbjuda till en hel del romance, såg flera par som verkade vara på dejts. Oh, l’amour!



Oh So Good
25 York Street
Ottawa K1N 5S7



Gatineau Park

Förra helgen fick jag låna en cykel av en bekant, hurra! Har inte cyklat sedan i december, men det kändes som det var igår. Jag och en kompis cyklade över till Quebec och Gatineau Park, vilken är en väldigt stor och känd nationalpark här i Ottawa.


Det var soligt och (relativt) varmt, men som synes mycket snö kvar.

IMG_2754Vi strosade lite i parken och solade sedan som om vi aldrig sett solen. Sedan cyklade vi tillbaka till Ontario igen. Mysig dag!


Work in progress..

In my class History & Aestetics of Cinema our final is a group paper. Niamh, Victoria and I decided to analyse Independent cinema vs. Hollywood. We are comparing two of Christopher Nolan’s creations, Memento and Inception.

This is us last week, smiley faces.. and everything under control.. P1070143



Us today.. Slightly more active as the paper needs to be handed in on Thursday!



Our conclusion about Nolan so far is that no matter how big his filmmaking budget is he manage to confuse and unsettle his viewer tremendously! He plays with all sorts of techniques to create uncertainty about what is real and not real life.. Skilled!