End of week 1 at Murdoch!

So I have almost finished the first week of Uni here at Murdoch, and it has been a lot of new impressions and a lot to take in… I am doing 4 courses (called units here),  one is a basic course in mathematics, and one is more about the pedagogy and how to work with maths in the classroom. The third course is called “Country, Cultures, Peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives Across the Curriculum” which focuses on the Indigenous Peoples in the Australian school system, a very interesting course for me to take while I’m here in Australia! The last course I am taking is a course about Social Science and how to teach it in primary school.

I am little overwhelmed by everything I have experienced so far this week. It is a lot to process and to understand, everything from their learning platform to adjusting to all lectures and workshops being in English. Since my program back home in Malmö is just in Swedish, it might take a while to adjust to the academic language in English. I am not looking forward to some of the academic writing assignments in some of my courses… But hopefully, I will be able to do it once I get there, I am still only in my first week 🙂 It feels like I will be needing to spend more time here for studies than back home, at least now in the beginning. Just like my education in Malmö, they have a lot of self-studies here as well, which means that we don’t have a lot of actual lessons but we have to read a lot of books and texts at home instead.

Tomorrow we have a costume party here at campus that I am really looking forward to! Besides that, I am going to relax a bit this weekend, play some basketball and swim in our community swimming pool here in the University Village where I live. I love to live here, it is only a 10 min walk to Uni and they have so many fun activities here for us who lives here. For instance, every Friday morning they serve a pancake breakfast, so I am looking forward to that tomorrow morning… 😉

/Rebecca at Murdoch University, Perth

O-week start!

Hi everyone!

My name is Rebecca and this is my first post on this blog. I am attending the exchange program for one semester at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. I am currently in my third year to become a primary school teacher!

Yesterday I moved into the University Village (on-campus accommodation) and today the O-week, Orientation Week, started! That is like the introduction for us exchange students and new students where you get to meet other students while doing social activities. So today on the first day we had a lot of information, small discussion groups about different topics and got to take part in some of the aboriginal culture- very exciting! Tonight we had a free pasta night for all of us living in the uni village, very nice!

I live in a shared apartment where I share a kitchen with 3 other people. We also have to bathrooms. It feels good to live with a few other people when you have moved almost across the other side of the world 😉

For the next two weeks, there will be a lot of activities and fun stuff happening, Uni will start on the 26th of February!

I hope that you guys want to follow my adventure here in Australia, and please leave a comment if there is anything specific you want me to tell a little bit more about!

Worcester, den lilla staden mitt i den engelska landsbygden

Ja, det stämmer väldigt bra. Men jag tror att det är mer än bara en liten stad. Det är en oas, en tillflyktsort, ett hjärta i den engelska landsbygden. Du kan gå och strosa runt staden, oavsett tid på dygnet och alltid känna dig säker, du kan gå omkring och alltid veta att du har alltid någon att fråga om hjälp ifall du går vilse och om du bara vill ha en stunds vila, ta då och sätt dig på en parkbänk med utsikt mot river severn och katedralen.

Jag har bott i denna mysiga stad i 1 vecka nu, och jag kan börja kalla denna stad mitt hem. Jag bor i ett typiskt engelskt hus byggt av rödbrunt tegel. Huset som ser så litet och gulligt ut från utsidan, är långtifrån litet. Här finns 7 sovrum, 3 badrum, 2 vardagsrum och ett stort kök. Här bor jag, i rum nr 7. Med utsikt mot St. Johns Campus, fotbollsplaner och små kolonilotter. Mitt rum är det minsta av alla i huset, men det gör mig ingenting, jag får plats med allt jag behöver och ett litet rum gör det bara mysigt. Jag bor tillsammans med 3 killar och två andra tjejer, så här är rätt fullt när det ska lagas mat. Jag är den enda utbytesstudenten, mina rumskamrater pluggar alla här på heltid och är riktiga britter (vilket hörs på deras dialekt) 🙂

Från mitt lilla rum ser jag St. Johns Campus, det Campus där jag kommer ha alla mina lektioner, förutom sportkurserna då jag kommer hålla till på University Arena. Jag kommer under min tid här läsa 4 kurser, eller modules som de kallar det här. Jag kommer läsa två education modules med inriktning på specialpedagogik och lärarens psykologi. Utöver det kommer jag läsa två sport modules, group dynamics och physical activity och health. Jag har haft min introduktion i en education module och en i sport. Både kurserna verkar otroligt roliga och lärorika och ser fram emot att få börja på de andra två också. Däremot tror jag att det jobbiga kommer bli att läsa 4 kurser samtidigt, då vi i Sverige läser en kurs åt gången. Men om man börjar i tid och använder både kalender och planerar så ska nog allt gå bra.

Jag har under min första vecka här upplevt otroligt mycket! Bowling, en mässa i den äldsta katedralen i England, jag ska tydligen lära mig spela lacrosse, fått många nya fina vänner och upplevt både skillnader och likheter mellan Sverige och England.

Ikväll väntar introduktion av en till kurs, och ja, den börjar vid 5 och håller på till 8. Inte alls vad jag är van vid i Sverige. Efter det ska jag antagligen ut tillsammans med mina rumskamrater. 🙂

Så livet rullar på i vanlig takt, med regnet som ramlar ner från molnen titt som tätt och blåsten som drar in och man undrar om Malmö och Worcester har bytt plats, men lite härlig sol har vi trots allt fått. Nu ska jag fortsätta min dag, försöka ta mig upp från sängen och bege mig mot dagens introduktion.

Until next time,




New Love

Good day good folks!
How has your day been so far? Hopefully its been a great day! So this past week I’ve thought about; what to post on the blog on a daily basis. Initially, when I agreed to to write on the blog, and even earlier than that, when I applied for the opportunity of studying in Canada, I wrote about keeping anyone who wanted in the loop of all things necessary regarding their future/possible time at York. The only problem is that; all I can think of is how much I love it here, and I know it gets tiresome to read about someone just yapping on about how much they love it, and nothing else. Genuinely speaking, thats all I can think of. I’ve loved every day I’ve been here, I love the people I’ve met, the residence I’m staying in, the dons in charge of the building, my classes, even the boring ones, I even love the squirrels and the even the damn raccoons.

Life here, is somewhat like in the movies. You live on campus and all sorts of unexpected things happens here. I can’t remember what movie it was due to the fact that it has been ages since I’ve last seen it, but there’s a movie about a girl attending collage and everything was so overwhelming and everywhere she want she would see people. And the instance I’m thinking of is that even when she went to a place that seemed so remote the artistic group was playing music and she got so pissed off haha! Well what I am trying to say is that, there is people everywhere and every now and then there will a little group of artistic people (people who either lives or is affiliated with Winters collage lol) who plays music, but the difference between me and the girl in the movie is that I quite like it. I love it here.

Life is so different yet with some instances of similarities from the life back in Sweden. It has to be the kind people all around you and the lifestyle, I obviously can’t speak for everyone but generally speaking, we Swedes don’t live the most social lives, we don’t hang out with people every single day, for no apparent reason, just for the sake of hanging out. But thats what they do here, and I know I know, I’ve probably written the word love 530 times so far, but I LOVE IT. I feel so at home here! And it doesn’t hurt that the weather is still warm here. I promise for next week I will try to write something slightly productive for anyone interested in York university, but for now, believe me, if you ever get the opportunity to come, first of all, DO IT! and secondly, I have no doubt you will love it as much as I do. I wish everyone could experience this euphoric feeling of being here!

First Week.

First week of living on campus went by so fast. The first couple of days were a little bit slow due to the fact that I pretty much was alone on my floor not knowing anyone, but as soon as people moved in; everything changed. Never in my entire life did I expect meeting people that are so nice as the ones I’ve met so far. My floor is a coed floor but honestly it feels like we all are, in some twisted way; related. A big messed up family, that is getting to know each other a little bit better as time passes by. You know like in the movies where there’s a big family gathering around a holiday and all the cousins come by and you don’t really know them but you know of them, and during the holiday that the big family is stuck together, you get to know the distant family members better. Thats how it feels like, but not at all as awkward as they make it seem in the movies.

I am probably the oldest on the floor, and going into this life that I’m starting at York U, I thought that I would feel a lot older than the rest, that I would be isolated and all things that comes with being brought up in Sweden. But truthfully, I don’t feel the age difference at all, I don’t feel isolated and I feel like I am a part of the family that is my floor, and Bethune Residence. Very poetic and romantic, I know. But in all honesty, So far, I’M IN LOVE WITH THE LIFE I LIVE. I know its frowned upon to be saying these things back at home (Sweden) but I could not be more happy than right now. I’m surrounded by an amazing group of people that I now can call my good friends.

I’ll try my best to post at least one post per week, and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask anything and I’ll try my best to answer it as good as possible. In the future to come, I’ll try to write more informative posts about how life is in a different country and what my opinions are and what little advice that I could give. So welcome to my the little peek show of my life in York U, hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know what you guys think. Take care, hope you guys have an amazing day.
xoxo Lilian

Phillip Island och skola!

Har varit på Phillip Island sist jag skrev! Det var fantastiskt, där fick vi se en massa djur och gå runt på Melbournes första farm. Vi hälsade även på lite koalor, kängrur och pelikaner. Kommer lite bilder längre ner! Vi var på en choklad fabrik och på en känd strand Woolamai Beach. Denna helgen som precis varit var jag på en AFL match (Aussie ruled football) kul men kallt var det. Dock förlorade hemmalaget (Melbourne FC) stort.
Har även en del att göra i skolan, tre inlämningar denna veckan (två var i måndags) och en nästa vecka. Sen rullar det på och jag har inlämning/presentation varje vecka hela september. Tur att vi inte har så bra väder, lättare att sitta inne och plugga då!


Aussie = Awesome!

Har nu varit i Aussie i tre veckor kan man säga. Jag har skrivit in mig i 4 kurser som man måste här nere. Har varit inne i Melbourne några gånger nu, har ätit middag med flera andra utbytesstudenter, och även haft en lite skandinavisk middag. Super kul att få se staden lite och jag hann faktiskt med lite bilder.
Det har det varit mycket att göra sen man kom ner, busskort skulle fixas, bankkonto och simkort har fixas och säkert mycket mer som jag inte kommer på nu.
Jag bor på campus och rummet är helt okej, på min våning (korridor) bor vi 7 tjejer från olika ställen i världen. Kommer bli en bra termin då alla verkar vara super gulliga och snälla 🙂

Skolan har börjat nu och jag har haft en föreläsning och en workshop. Det känns bra med dessa ämnena än så länge. Min lingvistik föreläsare visade ett klipp från big bang theory i går, så jag gillar honom redan 😀
Har även hunnit planera mina veckor. Här ser skolan mer ut som i gymnasiet där man har fasta tider varje vecka, skönt tycker jag för det är lättare att planera. Dock är terminen bara 12 veckor och man läser 4 ämnen samtidigt, det är lite jobbigare då de flesta av mina inlämningar ligger samtidigt..

I går fixade jag så att jag ska börja ta ett dykarcertifikat, det kommer bli super kul! Jag ska bara klara mig igenom läkarundersökningen sen så får jag börja!


Being international…


Here is the deal guys, being internatioal has its obvious benefits you get a broad network, learn about a new culture, explore new foods and spices, travel around and see nature or urban environments, and so on. You get a lot of positive impressions all around from being on exchange. But what does this really mean?

Here is an example of what being international can do for you…so during my last exchange in England I met lots of American students that I hung out with and we had a blast. So now when I am in the US I can actually visit these friends. This weekend I decided to go and visit my friend that I met in England, she lives about 2 hours by plane from here. I book the ticket and was off to see her. When I arrived she took me around the area showed me places that I probably would not have find by myself. Also I got the chance to hang with her cool family and eat some nice American dishes. Then we went to her friends place to watch the Super Bowl which was really cool to be able to experience the Super Bowl in an American home with Americans was priceless.

I wanna thank my friend, her family and her friends for showing me a good time. This is what being international is all about, this opportunity was because of the fact that we became friends in England.

So if you are unsure about applying to studies abroad, I am telling you don’t be unsure just do it as Nike would say because you will have the best time of your life hands down. So go out, explore, talk to a stranger, meet people, eat, drink, visit and most of all have fun with the experience. You can always come back home and it is better to have been out on exchange then regret it later in life!

Life @ the Lofts


So as you may or may not know I choose to live on campus at the lofts. As a student here you can either live on campus or find your own place. I choose to live on campus for several reasons and in this entry I will write about those things.

The lofts are located on campus which is in Downtown Atlanta, I will write about the area in a different entry, which sometimes can be shady but don’t worry you will be fine if you have lived in a big city.

There are different housing possibilities for international students, although I believe that the lofts is where 85% of the international students house. There are about 300+ residents here all that attend GSU. You have 14 floors with different sized rooms and downstairs you have a reception that makes sure people that do not live here will stay out and they will help you with any issues you may need. On every floor you have and ”RA” a resident that organizes activities and his almost like the floor ”mom/dad” because you can always ask them for any kind of help and they will assist. As part of that position it is their duty to be reachable at certain hours by phone. This creates a good, safe and helpful environment for the people living here, I have already been out with my floor a couple of times and there is a kind of a family feeling (of course if you don’t want to take part of this you do not have to, really up to you).

The lofts have a good learning center where you can go do homework or borrow a computer and get things done for school because believe you me you’ll need it. There is a laundry room that is free and there are a lot of machines available to use and I have never needed to wait for a machine, just go down there and get your wash on.

I live on the 12th floor and I have a suitemate, an American student, some rooms you actually share rooms but my understanding is that they put internationals in the rooms so that they have a private space. The apartment is nice and big, we have a dishwasher and micro also you have your own sink in the bathroom area which is pretty nice. I’m going to post a couple of pictures of how the lofts look from the inside and out so you can get a feel for it.

So why did I choose to live on campus? Several reasons, one big point for me was being close to school and not having to take the Marta (Atl’s subway system) to school my classes are about 5-10 minute walk from my door. Living at campus gets you connected as well; you meet a lot of new people and get info on what’s happening on campus so you’ll always have the possibility to do something on your spare time. I barely have time for my blog…..bye!

Greetings from America

Greetings from America

I have been in Atlanta for almost a week now so I will try to sum up a weeks impressions in one entry. 

The flight over here was quite tough, it was almost 19 hours from door to door, but hey I made it. My first impression of the US and Atlanta are positive a lot of friendly people and you can go a long way by just asking people for help and directions. 

I chose to live at the GSU campus in the University Lofts to be more precise. First impression here was quite mixed. I share an appartment with an American student, which is ok, you have everything you need but buy beding before you come here. My first night I slept without a pillow nor a blanket, that’s nothing you want to do…trust me. The rooms are good enough to stay for one semester but you can also stay outside of campus. The people that work at the Lofts are mainly students that attend GSU and let me say they are great, helpful, friendly and they always try to solve your problem in the best way.

The first day of orientation you go through a process with filling in forms and making sure that you are a legal visitor in the US, there is a lot to do but the ISSS (International Student and Scholar Services) makes this a lot easier, and you get free lunch which as students you know is great. 

The staff at GSU is very friendly and helpful just ask and they will assist. Me and 2 other students did not have any bedding (as I mentioned before) but we asked Grace at the ISSS what we could do and she drove us all the way to Target (store like Coop but cheaper) after work just to help us out. Students here are very nice too you can always stop anyone and have a chatt. My classes start tomorrow so I will write about that a bit further down the road. 

I have met a lot of new people from student to staff members to random folks at bars and streets. I have done a lot already during my short stay and I will leave you with this picture from the Georgia Dome where I got to see the Atlanta Falcons beat Seattle Seahawks 30 – 28. 

Bye bye

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