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Here is the deal guys, being internatioal has its obvious benefits you get a broad network, learn about a new culture, explore new foods and spices, travel around and see nature or urban environments, and so on. You get a lot of positive impressions all around from being on exchange. But what does this really mean?

Here is an example of what being international can do for you…so during my last exchange in England I met lots of American students that I hung out with and we had a blast. So now when I am in the US I can actually visit these friends. This weekend I decided to go and visit my friend that I met in England, she lives about 2 hours by plane from here. I book the ticket and was off to see her. When I arrived she took me around the area showed me places that I probably would not have find by myself. Also I got the chance to hang with her cool family and eat some nice American dishes. Then we went to her friends place to watch the Super Bowl which was really cool to be able to experience the Super Bowl in an American home with Americans was priceless.

I wanna thank my friend, her family and her friends for showing me a good time. This is what being international is all about, this opportunity was because of the fact that we became friends in England.

So if you are unsure about applying to studies abroad, I am telling you don’t be unsure just do it as Nike would say because you will have the best time of your life hands down. So go out, explore, talk to a stranger, meet people, eat, drink, visit and most of all have fun with the experience. You can always come back home and it is better to have been out on exchange then regret it later in life!

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