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Getting started
You should be careful before publishing names and photos of people, always check with them first to get their approval!

In order to make your blog attractive and easy to read, follow these instructions:

  1. Choosing a Topic – take some time defining the topic of your post (what are you going to write about?)
  2. Title of your post – perhaps the most crucial part of actually getting readers to start reading your post. Create an interesting and inspiring title! The aim is to draw your reader to the post/topic.
  3. The Opening Line – first impressions matter. Once you’ve got someone past your post’s title your opening line draws him or her deeper into your post.
  4. Your ‘point/s’  – a post needs to have a point. If the post doesn’t matters to your reader, it won’t get interaction. Only one or two points per post (if you have more to share, make a new post).
  5. Call to Action – good posts drive readers to do something (to comment, go on a student exchange, visit a website etc)
  6. Adding Depth – before publishing your post – ask yourself how you could add depth to it and make it even more useful and memorable to readers? (photo, links etc)
  7. Quality Control and Polishing of Posts – small mistakes can be barriers to engagement for readers. Spending time fixing spelling mistakes (the blog has spell check) makes a post ‘look’ good.
  8. Post Promotion– don’t just leave it to chance that your post will be read by people. Let your friends and family know that you have written a post (share it on Facebook for example).
  9. Conversation – often the real action happens once your post is published and is being interacted with by readers and other bloggers. Taking time to dialogue can be very fruitful. Be sure to log in often and check if your post has received any comments. Also comment on the other students’ posts!
  10. Photos/images – publish photos on as many posts as you can, it makes the blog more interesting and the readers can visualise your experiences easier. (Maximum photo size is 1 MB. Reduce the size of photos using your computer’s software or  via online tools such as Picasa or Flickr)
  11. Links – add links from your post as much as possible. If you’re talking about an event, a course or something else that you can link to – add a link in order for people to read more about the topic.

Please blog about anything happening in your life, both academic and personal. You decide how personal you want to be, but the blog will be more interesting and fun if you also show the readers a bit about your life and personality. Students exchanges have their ups and downs…great highs, but sometimes loneliness and homesickness. This is your space to share these experiences!

How to log in
Click on “Log in” at the bottom right of the starting page. Use your MaU computer identity and password to log in.
Username: your computer identity
Password: your computer identity password 

How to change your password
Click on “users” in the menu to the left, and then “your profile”
Scroll down the page
Choose your new password and repeat it. (Please make sure it is a safe password.)
Click “Update profile”

How to create a presentation
Click on “users” in the menu to the left, and then “your profile”
Scroll down the page
Write a short presentation in the box “About yourself”
This presentation will appear under your blogpost, and makes it easier for the reader to remember who you are and where you are blogging from.
Click on “Update Profile”

How to create a post
Click on “Posts” in the left menu
Click on “add new”
Enter the title of your post
Write your post in the white box
Add an image if possible (see more info below)
Choose a category in the menu to the right (your faculty and department!)
Choose/add a tag in the menu to the right (always write the country you are in, the Host university’s name and the topic that your post is about!
It is very important that you click a category and that you tag your post!
Click “Publish” on the right side – Voilla!

How to add an image to your post
Create a post (see above)
Click on the photo symbol: Upload/Insert (image, video or media)
Choose a photo from your files, maximum size 1 MB (reduce if necessary)
Choose the alignment/layout
Choose the size (recommended: medium)
Click “Insert to post”

How to add a link to your post
Highlight the word or sentence that you want to make into a link
Click on the link icon:
Enter the URL address to the web site you’re linking to
Press “add link”

How to reply to a comment
It is important for you to comment on other student’s posts. Check the blog regularly – see if anyone has commented on your post! Comment on another student´s post or simply “like” it. It’s important to give some kind of feedback to everybody giving a comment.

Good luck!

If you have any questions, please contact:
The International Office
Tel: +46 40 6657000

More tips and tricks can be found online:

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