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So as you may or may not know I choose to live on campus at the lofts. As a student here you can either live on campus or find your own place. I choose to live on campus for several reasons and in this entry I will write about those things.

The lofts are located on campus which is in Downtown Atlanta, I will write about the area in a different entry, which sometimes can be shady but don’t worry you will be fine if you have lived in a big city.

There are different housing possibilities for international students, although I believe that the lofts is where 85% of the international students house. There are about 300+ residents here all that attend GSU. You have 14 floors with different sized rooms and downstairs you have a reception that makes sure people that do not live here will stay out and they will help you with any issues you may need. On every floor you have and ”RA” a resident that organizes activities and his almost like the floor ”mom/dad” because you can always ask them for any kind of help and they will assist. As part of that position it is their duty to be reachable at certain hours by phone. This creates a good, safe and helpful environment for the people living here, I have already been out with my floor a couple of times and there is a kind of a family feeling (of course if you don’t want to take part of this you do not have to, really up to you).

The lofts have a good learning center where you can go do homework or borrow a computer and get things done for school because believe you me you’ll need it. There is a laundry room that is free and there are a lot of machines available to use and I have never needed to wait for a machine, just go down there and get your wash on.

I live on the 12th floor and I have a suitemate, an American student, some rooms you actually share rooms but my understanding is that they put internationals in the rooms so that they have a private space. The apartment is nice and big, we have a dishwasher and micro also you have your own sink in the bathroom area which is pretty nice. I’m going to post a couple of pictures of how the lofts look from the inside and out so you can get a feel for it.

So why did I choose to live on campus? Several reasons, one big point for me was being close to school and not having to take the Marta (Atl’s subway system) to school my classes are about 5-10 minute walk from my door. Living at campus gets you connected as well; you meet a lot of new people and get info on what’s happening on campus so you’ll always have the possibility to do something on your spare time. I barely have time for my blog…..bye!

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