Greetings from America

Greetings from America

I have been in Atlanta for almost a week now so I will try to sum up a weeks impressions in one entry. 

The flight over here was quite tough, it was almost 19 hours from door to door, but hey I made it. My first impression of the US and Atlanta are positive a lot of friendly people and you can go a long way by just asking people for help and directions. 

I chose to live at the GSU campus in the University Lofts to be more precise. First impression here was quite mixed. I share an appartment with an American student, which is ok, you have everything you need but buy beding before you come here. My first night I slept without a pillow nor a blanket, that’s nothing you want to do…trust me. The rooms are good enough to stay for one semester but you can also stay outside of campus. The people that work at the Lofts are mainly students that attend GSU and let me say they are great, helpful, friendly and they always try to solve your problem in the best way.

The first day of orientation you go through a process with filling in forms and making sure that you are a legal visitor in the US, there is a lot to do but the ISSS (International Student and Scholar Services) makes this a lot easier, and you get free lunch which as students you know is great. 

The staff at GSU is very friendly and helpful just ask and they will assist. Me and 2 other students did not have any bedding (as I mentioned before) but we asked Grace at the ISSS what we could do and she drove us all the way to Target (store like Coop but cheaper) after work just to help us out. Students here are very nice too you can always stop anyone and have a chatt. My classes start tomorrow so I will write about that a bit further down the road. 

I have met a lot of new people from student to staff members to random folks at bars and streets. I have done a lot already during my short stay and I will leave you with this picture from the Georgia Dome where I got to see the Atlanta Falcons beat Seattle Seahawks 30 – 28. 

Bye bye

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