End of week 1 at Murdoch!

So I have almost finished the first week of Uni here at Murdoch, and it has been a lot of new impressions and a lot to take in… I am doing 4 courses (called units here),  one is a basic course in mathematics, and one is more about the pedagogy and how to work with maths in the classroom. The third course is called “Country, Cultures, Peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives Across the Curriculum” which focuses on the Indigenous Peoples in the Australian school system, a very interesting course for me to take while I’m here in Australia! The last course I am taking is a course about Social Science and how to teach it in primary school.

I am little overwhelmed by everything I have experienced so far this week. It is a lot to process and to understand, everything from their learning platform to adjusting to all lectures and workshops being in English. Since my program back home in Malmö is just in Swedish, it might take a while to adjust to the academic language in English. I am not looking forward to some of the academic writing assignments in some of my courses… But hopefully, I will be able to do it once I get there, I am still only in my first week 🙂 It feels like I will be needing to spend more time here for studies than back home, at least now in the beginning. Just like my education in Malmö, they have a lot of self-studies here as well, which means that we don’t have a lot of actual lessons but we have to read a lot of books and texts at home instead.

Tomorrow we have a costume party here at campus that I am really looking forward to! Besides that, I am going to relax a bit this weekend, play some basketball and swim in our community swimming pool here in the University Village where I live. I love to live here, it is only a 10 min walk to Uni and they have so many fun activities here for us who lives here. For instance, every Friday morning they serve a pancake breakfast, so I am looking forward to that tomorrow morning… 😉

/Rebecca at Murdoch University, Perth

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