Wow time flies in Japan! We are already in mid – terms period. Felt like I just arrived. Even if they work load is heavy, I’ve been travelling (within Japan ) the last two weekends. My motto; Work Hard Play Hard, and there is not a huge chance that I will come back to Japan in the nearest future, so I have concluded, while here lets experience as much as possible….. 😉

Two weekends ago, I was in Hiroshima with to friends, one Spanish girl and an American guy. Hiroshima was a place I really wanted to visit last semester, but I always put it on hold since it’s actually not that far away with Shinkansen (the bullet train), you don’t have to really plan for it, so well…. I was a bit too lazy to be honest. So now when I came back for the second semester, I decided to do it as quick as possible, before running out of money and time.

We left early Saturday morning with Shinkansen, and we decided to visit Miyajima first, which is a Island close by Hiroshima, and it only takes 20 minute with a boat ride. Miyajima has such a beautiful nature and is famous for the Major gate in the water, and all the deer walking around. Also the street food is amazing, I think we were eating every 30 minutes, well… not really, but kind of!!!! We spent the whole day walking around and watching shrines, temples, and deer on Saturday. We also took a cable car to the top of the mountain, such an AMAZING view. I realize after living in Kyoto for 8 months, that I really miss the ocean. Miyajima is surrounded by the ocean, and I felt really like home, which is difficult in Japan I have to say, cause everything is so different from let’s say the western world; it’s impossible to explain, have to visit to understand 🙂 However, heading back to Hiroshima in the night we checked in to our hotel and went for dinner, awesome Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima is famous for their Okonomiyaki, which is an omelet with noodles inside, LOADS of mayonnaise, and some other Japanese sauces I don’t know the name of, it’s sooo Oishii (delicious in Japanese). Ohh I almost forgot, we of course went to Karaokeeeeeeeeee, a Saturday night without Karaoke isn’t working, so we were trying the Hiroshima karaoke, and yes it deliveredJ The day after, slightly tired, we decided to explore Hiroshima, our focus was on the Bomb – Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Museum. That was an emotional journey, we started with the Dome, and there was a man that was just a baby when it happened and whose parents have survived the atomic bomb, or his father died after couple of weeks, and his mother recovered but was suffering from several diseases (cancer, inner bleeding, and so on) thru her whole life. It was so emotional to listen to his story, and actually see a real person who survived the bomb. We later on moved on the museum, and yes another emotional journey, and finally we went to the peace memorial hall. Before heading back to Kyoto we visited Hiroshima Castle, and we left Hiroshima with several impressions.


Last weekend, I went to Okinawa with a Swedish girl from the BKC campus. It was indeed another kind of trip than Hiroshima, the closest culture we saw were the American Army, Navy and Marine ( no complains though 😉 ) . Reason why I point them all out, because I learned that there is a HUGE difference between them. It was such an insult if you couldn’t realize there was a difference, I failed that test 😉 Okinawa is an island belonging to Japan and the American Army, yay all of them are stationed there. Why? Because Japan don’t have any defense, so there’s agreement between the States and Japan; if Japan will be attacked the States will defend them. It was such an amazing Island, and it was so different from other places I have been to in Japan. It was so Americanized, which I didn’t mind. The Japanese people there were more open, they could speak English and they didn’t stare at you. You could really see that the American culture has a big impact of their way of living and behaving. The island it self with all the nice beaches, ohh laa, it was a nice weekend get away, and I meet a lot of nice people, both Japanese and Americans. I would love to go back, and I can recommend people that may not be that interested in Japan, or just Tokyo, go to Okinawa, the beaches are as beautiful as in the Caribbean. (and yay, we found a karaoke bar that served free drinks to ladies, we were their all 3 nights)

This Friday it was Halloween, as a swede you don’t really have any tradition to celebrate it, but OMG Japan it has been 3 weeks of celebrating Halloween, and we all went out this Friday. It was a night to remember indeed…. 😉

See ya soon again


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Cecilia – San