Student Union activities

For the past month or so now, the Student Union here at York St John has been taking care of us in the best way possible. Mingling events, quizzes, food hospitality, trips to other parts of England, you name it. I’ll put some of the events here that took place over the past few weeks. I love going to the Student Union café because it’s always fun.

To start with, we had a welcome party for all the international students at the end of Introduction week. We had dinner together and got to know each other more.

There are students from so many countries in the world; it’s amazing. We played Bingo and the mission was to find people in the room who fit the descriptions we had on our papers, and we couldn’t repeat a name twice. Really got us to chat to each other and break the ice!

During the night we also pinned our names to where we came from, on a world map. Hello, Sweden! 🙂

Then we were quizzed on everything British, with a  pretty good prize; tickets to a trip to Liverpool the Student Union was arranging. With the efforts of my teammates, we won. Yay! (post about the trip here).

On  feb 4th we celebrated Chinese new year with a quiz about Chinese traditions and a lantern-making activity. Safe to say it wasn’t easy for me, but the thrill of doing something new that introduces you to a new culture made it very entertaining.

I had to leave early so I didn’t get to finish my lantern, but wish I had.

Then just couple of days ago we had a Viking event because it is Viking week at the time of me writing this. We had pizza (doesn’t fit the theme but I think the Vikings missed out) then watched a video about Ragnarok, the ancient Norse apocalypse. (for more info of it you can watch the documentary Thor: Ragnarok by Marvel Studios. Not too dissimilar. 😉 ).

Then we got to make our own Viking shields; we felt like small kids painting again and it kept us very present, painting and chatting. York was populated by the Vikings around 1400 and the city still carries traces of that time to this day, so it was very fitting to celebrate this week.

Next up, Liverpool!

Mafaz x

Hello from York!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my first post. My name is Mafaz; I study English Studies at Malmö University and as I write this I am currently in York, England for the first semester of my two semesters with elective courses. Has anyone been to York before? The university I’m in is called York St John’s University or, as it’s been dubbed, Hogwarts. 🙂

On the first day I got to meet new friends from many countries who were also here for the semester, and we had a mini tour of our own around campus. The university is big! And really beautiful. These are some pictures that I took.

This one is from one of the accommodation buildings; how nice is the greenery?

Some of us had been to York before but others not. I had absolutely no expectations; I hadn’t heard much about the city, which actually worked in my favor because I felt very present when I arrived. I was seeing something completely new. The first week was all about helping us get settled. We had a 2-hour walking tour around town by the Student Union’s staff, where we got to know the city and write down some tips for places to check out and eat at. Walking around the city made me feel like I was transferred back to the 1400s, very unique.

Apparently this place has one of the best afternoon tea options; I have it on my list of places to visit; I’ll let you know how it goes!

This picture is one of my personal favourite places in the city, The Shambles street. It deserves a dedicated post, but see that “shop that must not be named” logo? The street is the inspiration behind the famous Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Actually this little street alone has around 4 Harry Potter-themed shops. Pretty cool. 🙂

This is where you can start a city-walls walk, we simply passed by it but definitely one to check out, maybe around Spring when the weather is slightly gentler!

The tour ended near the York Minster, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city (and there are a lot).

The details are mesmerizing!

After that we went home and got ready for another day. The Student Union team hosts many events and consists of a bunch of lovely people. The next post will be about some of those events they organised for us as newbies 🙂 Have a lovely time until then!

Mafaz x