Our trip to Liverpool was on Feb 2nd. It snowed the day before in York and the remnants made for a beautiful journey on the bus. We gathered at Uni at 8.00 am and it took us around two and half hours to get to Liverpool.

Our first stop was the beautiful Liverpool Cathedral..

Such a stunning building. Spacious with great attention to detail, beautiful stained glass and a very peaceful atmosphere inside.

Next we had about 2 hours for ourselves which some of us took to walk around a little and have lunch. We had cheeseburgers and enjoyed some Chinese New Year celebrations on the street afterwards.

After that we were on to the main event; The Beatles museum (any Beatles fans?) :

Aptly called The Beatles Story, it’s designed in a great storytelling-as-you-walk way where we got headphones and mini devices (remember walkie talkies? They resemble them a little. Nostalgia: check.) and got to hear different little clips with every room we went into.

This is how the studio looked when the members would record an album. It’s amazing how such a small space can produce great works of art which topped charts for months!

This is the stage in the cafe the band played in for the last time before they exploded into a worldwide phenomena; the picture above to the right is how the tickets looked like. It immediately makes you think of the memories the people who attended it must have..

THE yellow submarine, guys! 🙂

John Lennon’s “White Room” where he wrote few songs. Gorgeous crisp white!

And that was it! A short but sweet trip. My friend and I took some time between events to rush and see the Titanic memorial and the Yoko Ono section in Liverpool’s museum, but by that point it was so cold my phone died. iPhones! Haha.. I managed to switch it back on in the bus just in time to get this picture on the way back to York 🙂

The tour guides were amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to organize such a trip without them; I feel grateful that the experience so far has been nothing short of great.

Mafaz x

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