First Week.

First week of living on campus went by so fast. The first couple of days were a little bit slow due to the fact that I pretty much was alone on my floor not knowing anyone, but as soon as people moved in; everything changed. Never in my entire life did I expect meeting people that are so nice as the ones I’ve met so far. My floor is a coed floor but honestly it feels like we all are, in some twisted way; related. A big messed up family, that is getting to know each other a little bit better as time passes by. You know like in the movies where there’s a big family gathering around a holiday and all the cousins come by and you don’t really know them but you know of them, and during the holiday that the big family is stuck together, you get to know the distant family members better. Thats how it feels like, but not at all as awkward as they make it seem in the movies.

I am probably the oldest on the floor, and going into this life that I’m starting at York U, I thought that I would feel a lot older than the rest, that I would be isolated and all things that comes with being brought up in Sweden. But truthfully, I don’t feel the age difference at all, I don’t feel isolated and I feel like I am a part of the family that is my floor, and Bethune Residence. Very poetic and romantic, I know. But in all honesty, So far, I’M IN LOVE WITH THE LIFE I LIVE. I know its frowned upon to be saying these things back at home (Sweden) but I could not be more happy than right now. I’m surrounded by an amazing group of people that I now can call my good friends.

I’ll try my best to post at least one post per week, and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask anything and I’ll try my best to answer it as good as possible. In the future to come, I’ll try to write more informative posts about how life is in a different country and what my opinions are and what little advice that I could give. So welcome to my the little peek show of my life in York U, hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know what you guys think. Take care, hope you guys have an amazing day.
xoxo Lilian

First week (9 days) of Melbs

Hi! Today I will write about the first 9 days I’ve experienced in Melbourne (11 in total if counting the two arrival days I wrote about in my last post)!20150718_145548
So I arrived and enrolled to my subjects and got my student ID. One and a half week left before semester and nothing to do with school? Well not quite right. Friday the 16th was off school though. I actually had time to go around the area of Prahran where I live (a suburb to Melbourne City Business District). Plenty of cool bars, stores, old school barber shops and much more. It feels like a hipster area. Very modern but at the same time old. I had finally time to contact my family and the day went pretty fast. Next day, Saturday, was planned for THE AMAZING RACE! A student activity arranged by school for the exchange students. Only 80 tickets for the game were available and I bought one as soon as I knew about it (first day of arrival). We got free lunch to start the day and after that the race startet. We had to get around town to get to know the city, Australian culture and much more! It was an AMAZING Amazing Race!pie20150718_150223

(A Dogs Eye with a Dead Horse (A meat Pie with Tomato Sauce) – one of the items we had to find during the Amazing Race and an Amazing Race Jump)

Well my team didn’t end up winning, but still we got to know all of the city in one day. Okey that’s a lie.. I still don’t really know how to get around. After that a few of the students went out for a drink.. or more like plenty of drinks, which resulted in a slow Sunday pretty much hanging around in the apartment Skyping, which also is needed.

Upcoming week was orientation week in school. Everything from compulsory sessions to lectures about how to be Australian. Very fun and I made a lot of friends! Since I missed the compulsory information meeting on my arrival day I had to go to a new meeting during the week, which was fine since it had to be done! During the first 3 days of the week all students got free lunch and morning tea, BEST THING OF THE DAY.. haha! Monday to Thursday had a planned schedule where I had to attend to sessions and Friday was off.. Well not for me. I had forgot about my Arrival Form that had to be turned in to Malmö University, so I contacted La Trobe and arranged a time to get it signed during the Friday. Oh yea.. I also found a new place to live!! A house about 1 km from school. I will live together with one La Trobe student and a Football player. Feels like a really great place! And I got a Cruiser Skateboard to get around town! And a haircut. Aaand… Well yea alot of things happen all the time! -931331

(My new accommodation – Cute House! 😀 )

Yesterday (Friday) I went out with friends after getting my paper signed. We went down to the Docks to see fireworks and later during the night we went to a sport bar for a drink! The evening ended early and I came home for some late night Skyping!20150724_193756

Today I am trying to clean the apartment since I’m moving to the house next week!


Departure closing in…..

Finally I have booked all tickets and hotels for the journey. I was accompanied by my daughter to Malmö to pick up my Yen. I don´t think there has ever been a more nervous student going abroad then me. Before departure to Japan my family and I will go on a vaccation to Dalarna arriving home only a day ahead so I need to get started packing now…

Same same, but different.

Last saturday my housemates and I went to The Butterfly Club, which is a theater, to see our other housemate perform in the show “Mr Marmalade and the Catawampus Cabaret”. My housemate is working with circus and juggling but in a more artistic way than what the “regular” circus artist does, at least I think so! The performance was entertaining and the bar at the theater itself was very cosy – red lights everywhere in the room, big book shelfs stuffed with books (of course!), creepy dolls, christmas decoration here and there and old 50’s furniture. Lovely!

After the show I went to take the tram home and an australian guy came up to me and asked me something about the tram. After answering his question we started chatting and he said that he thought that I was swiss since he thought that I sounded a bit german (?). I said that I was from Sweden and he then asked me if I knew about Eurovision song contest. It’s kind of hard to avoid that contest, so I said yes and we started talking a bit about it. Apparently this guy is working as a designer and he had worked with Alexander Rybak in 2009 when he won the whole thing. The guy was telling me this as if I would have some kind of connection to Rybak, which is why I told him that I’m swedish and not norwegian. He then said that “our” flags kind of look the same – he was referring to the flag of Switzerland, which is red with a white cross, and the flag of Norway which is also red but with a blue and white cross. I told him once again that I’m swedish but I’m still not sure if he got it or not… Keeping the european countries separated seems to be a bit hard! I had a similar experience in Italy last semester – one of the kids at the center where I did my internship asked me if I spoke german and I said yes (since I have studied it). She then said that she didn’t know that people spoke german in Slovakia – she thought that I was from Slovakia and not Sweden, and that people spoke german in Slovakia. And I just thought she was curious when she asked if I spoke german… This happened all the time during my internship, people often thought that Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Slovakia were all the same, which I find very interesting. Sure, they all begin with an S and they are all european countries, but besides that… Apparently people mixing Sweden and Switzerland up is pretty common since a quick googling got me to this site: