Same same, but different.

Last saturday my housemates and I went to The Butterfly Club, which is a theater, to see our other housemate perform in the show “Mr Marmalade and the Catawampus Cabaret”. My housemate is working with circus and juggling but in a more artistic way than what the “regular” circus artist does, at least I think so! The performance was entertaining and the bar at the theater itself was very cosy – red lights everywhere in the room, big book shelfs stuffed with books (of course!), creepy dolls, christmas decoration here and there and old 50’s furniture. Lovely!

After the show I went to take the tram home and an australian guy came up to me and asked me something about the tram. After answering his question we started chatting and he said that he thought that I was swiss since he thought that I sounded a bit german (?). I said that I was from Sweden and he then asked me if I knew about Eurovision song contest. It’s kind of hard to avoid that contest, so I said yes and we started talking a bit about it. Apparently this guy is working as a designer and he had worked with Alexander Rybak in 2009 when he won the whole thing. The guy was telling me this as if I would have some kind of connection to Rybak, which is why I told him that I’m swedish and not norwegian. He then said that “our” flags kind of look the same – he was referring to the flag of Switzerland, which is red with a white cross, and the flag of Norway which is also red but with a blue and white cross. I told him once again that I’m swedish but I’m still not sure if he got it or not… Keeping the european countries separated seems to be a bit hard! I had a similar experience in Italy last semester – one of the kids at the center where I did my internship asked me if I spoke german and I said yes (since I have studied it). She then said that she didn’t know that people spoke german in Slovakia – she thought that I was from Slovakia and not Sweden, and that people spoke german in Slovakia. And I just thought she was curious when she asked if I spoke german… This happened all the time during my internship, people often thought that Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Slovakia were all the same, which I find very interesting. Sure, they all begin with an S and they are all european countries, but besides that… Apparently people mixing Sweden and Switzerland up is pretty common since a quick googling got me to this site:

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