Central & Eastern European Cinema Since 1989



Between January 24th and April 4th the group of ‘Central and Eastern European Studies Research’ at the Faculty of Arts hosts a film event to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 150th anniverssry of the Faculty of Arts.

There are 4 themes, After the Wall, After Yoguslavia, Re-visiting the Past and Life after Communism. All films are either from central or eastern Europe. We went to the first two films and are planning on viewing all 11 films! It is free and every film is being presented by someone who knows a bit about the historical context. For the full event schedule, click here!

When: January 24th – April 4th 2014
Location: Simard Hall, room 226
Time: Fridays at 7pm

Maple Taffy!

IMG_2309Den här veckan är det “Snow Festival” på Campusområdet. Då kan en åka hundspann (gjorde vi inte) och så får en äta godsaker “for free” såsom Maple Taffy, alltså upphettad lönnsirap som hälls på is och sedan äts från en pinne. Det var väldigt sött och kladdigt.


This week it’s “Snow Festival” on the Campus area. We tried Maple Taffy, which is hot maple syrup poured on ice and then eaten from wooden sticks. It was very sweet!