International Student Conference 2019 in Bandung, Indonesia!

January 11, 2019, Bandung

Global citizenship is a concept that has become more popular and respected. UNPAR, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, finds it important to teach young people responsibility, not only as a national citizen, but also a global citizen.

It was very helpful being picked up at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Today, Friday the 11th of January, started with a bus trip from Jakarta to Bandung. We passed through mountainous areas and experienced the typical traffic jams in Indonesia. We checked in at the hotel and then left for the University where we had an opening ceremony, where Jari represented the international students by receiving a plate, that embraced the Indonesian culture, a few ice breaking games together and ended with dinner. The free time in the evening was spent going out in town together with both local and international students and the first day of the conference had passed.

The opening ceremony where two students had the opportunity to participate and receive a plate of food.

Delicious Indonesian cuisine

January 12, 2019, Bandung

Day 2 had two key lectures, introduction to UNPAR some ice breaking activity as well as learning something traditional, either dancing or making batik, which is a way of producing coloured designs on textiles by dyeing them after having been waxed. Being from a lot of different backgrounds and majors which makes it interesting to discuss together with other students. The mix of students with different experiences opens up your mind and creates another way of thinking.

One of the cultural activities, dancing!

The first lecture was held by Dr. Johan Holmgren from Malmö University with the topic “The Application of Technology to Support Comfortable and Efficient Global Mobility”. We were introduced to quantitative modelling with focus on simulation and optimization and how it can be used in order to obtain a more sustainable transport system. Lecture two was held by Prof. Akimasa Fujiwara from Hiroshima University with the topic “Quality Transport In the Era Of Auto Sapiens”. The AV and advanced technology will change the society but what risks are there, how will AV influence residential choice behaviour and how can the publics acceptance of connected multimodal AVs be measured? Overall, interesting subjects that are covered to raise awareness and maybe something to work with in the future.

We also had the opportunity to listen to two girls who had conquered the Seven Summits as students of the university. Very strong and inspiring young women who challenge themselves.

Dr. Johan Holmgren receives a certificate after his lecture.

Fransiska Dimitri Ingkiriwang and Mathilda Dwi Lestari whom conquered the 7 Summits.

January 13, 2019, Bandung

The third day of the student conference was dedicated to three out of four workshops.  They were designed to give an opportunity to participants to discuss and share opinions regarding specific issues based on different study backgrounds. The workshops were:

  • D. Hilda Leilani Masniarita Pohan – Being Sustainable: The Other Side of Efficient Transportation
  • Dr Mert Tokman – The Role of Transportation and Logistics in Global Supply Chain Management
  • D. Sylvia Yazid – Crossing Borders for A Better Living: Ensuring Safe and Beneficial Labour Mobility
  • Benedikte Borgström – Strategic Transport Logistics and Sustainable Road Freight Transport Markets

Different snacks and drinks during every break, Indonesian food and snacks are highly recommended!

To be able to share knowledge with people from other countries, cultures and societies gives a new perspective and knowledge about other parts in the world. Like most days, after the lectures or workshops had ended, people did what they wanted, either alone or together, and exploring Bandung and the Indonesian kitchen is the best way!

January 14, 2019, Bandung

On the fourth day, we had one more workshop and after that, a field trip to Bandungs Area Traffic Control System, an office that controls the traffic in the city. Being a large group, we were divided into two smaller groups and the other one could explore the area around the area. Due to the heavy traffic throughout the day, it’s important to be able to control the flow, e.g. in case of an emergency, or the ambulance would be stuck. We were shown what they can do with their cameras and how they speak to people who violate the traffic laws.

Group photo outside the Area Traffic Control Centre!

Strolling around in the city of Bandung, not far from the ATCS.

January 15, 2019, Jakarta

Wake up at 5am for a field trip to Jakarta. It’s only around 160 km but it takes a long time due to heavy traffic and the slow pace trucks can drive uphill. Destination was Taman Mini Indonesia Indah where the “Amazing Race” started. The park displays Indonesian culture, with almost all aspects of daily life in Indonesia’s 26 provinces. There is a lake with a miniature version of the archipelago, museums, cable cars and separate pavilions that present a province. The area is big, and the tasks were located over the whole area which made the groups test their teamwork and communication due to a limited budget and choice of movement. It was lots of fun but it seems like half of the teams forgot about the competition and enjoyed themselves in the area instead! Anyways, it was a very fun day and it ended, as usual, with free time where we headed in different directions and enjoyed a day in Jakarta!

Preparation of the Amazing Race in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah!

Explore the culture and the area!

January 16, 2019, Jakarta

This day started with a visit to Tanjung Priok Port which is the biggest and busiest port in Indonesia. They held a presentation and then we were allowed into a sort of control/surveillance room where they described some of their job assignments. After that, we continued to MRT Jakarta Station Office. It started with a presentation and a chance to ask questions about the project. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) Jakarta is an infrastructure project that aims to relieve the great traffic congestion in Indonesia’s capital city. And as always, there was no absence of food and snacks, almost always as delicious as it can be expected! The day ended with a bus trip back to Bandung. The site visits in Jakarta were well prepared, interesting and amusing together with the other participants.

One of the tunnels soon in operation

Presentation of the MRT Jakarta project

Tanjung Priok Port

January 17, 2019, Bandung

This was our whole free day so I don’t know what all of the participants decided to do so instead some pictures will be shown.

Taman Mini, Jakarta

Dr Mert Tokman on Global Supply Chain Management


January 18, 2019, Bandung

The last day of the student conference, unfortunately, was dedicated to the final project and a closing ceremony. The project was the final challenge for the participants on problem solving and an opportunity to share our ideas. The goal was to design a holistic and systematic recommendation for the mobility and transportation in the hypothetical city of Asgard. We were divided into groups, e.g local government, department of technology and the citizens in the urban area. Constraints were related to the amount of money, conditions of the city and its surroundings which led to lots of negotiations. The project ended with a deal-or-no-deal agreement. Eventually a deal was made and the project was completed.

The closing ceremony started with some speeches from UNPAR and continued with games, shows and receiving our certificates. The final dance was prepared by the local students and it was cheerful and fun it can be, we miss you a lot.

We would like to thank the Malmö University, the International office and Åsa Fagerström for the opportunity. We also want to thank all the lecturers and their interesting teachings during the conference as well as UNPAR, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, for hosting an amazing, well-planned and fun conference with a heart-warming and welcoming atmosphere. Finally, we would like to thank the local students for being great hosts, tour guides and friends during our stay. A lot of new experiences, cultural understanding and views have made us grow as individuals with new perspectives of problems and things around us. We enjoyed it and we deeply urge other students to participate the upcoming years.


Our trip to Liverpool was on Feb 2nd. It snowed the day before in York and the remnants made for a beautiful journey on the bus. We gathered at Uni at 8.00 am and it took us around two and half hours to get to Liverpool.

Our first stop was the beautiful Liverpool Cathedral..

Such a stunning building. Spacious with great attention to detail, beautiful stained glass and a very peaceful atmosphere inside.

Next we had about 2 hours for ourselves which some of us took to walk around a little and have lunch. We had cheeseburgers and enjoyed some Chinese New Year celebrations on the street afterwards.

After that we were on to the main event; The Beatles museum (any Beatles fans?) :

Aptly called The Beatles Story, it’s designed in a great storytelling-as-you-walk way where we got headphones and mini devices (remember walkie talkies? They resemble them a little. Nostalgia: check.) and got to hear different little clips with every room we went into.

This is how the studio looked when the members would record an album. It’s amazing how such a small space can produce great works of art which topped charts for months!

This is the stage in the cafe the band played in for the last time before they exploded into a worldwide phenomena; the picture above to the right is how the tickets looked like. It immediately makes you think of the memories the people who attended it must have..

THE yellow submarine, guys! 🙂

John Lennon’s “White Room” where he wrote few songs. Gorgeous crisp white!

And that was it! A short but sweet trip. My friend and I took some time between events to rush and see the Titanic memorial and the Yoko Ono section in Liverpool’s museum, but by that point it was so cold my phone died. iPhones! Haha.. I managed to switch it back on in the bus just in time to get this picture on the way back to York 🙂

The tour guides were amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to organize such a trip without them; I feel grateful that the experience so far has been nothing short of great.

Mafaz x