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Going on exchange studies will provide you a wide range of diverse experiences, positive as a bit more negative. Being in Melbourne since the beginning of February, I´ve learned how the University has been approaching technology in a very different way than Malmö University.

On the welcome reception to all overseas students, we were taught, right from the beginning, that we should immediately download some useful apps that graduates at the Computing Department has been modelling. Here come some examples of them:

1) Lost? No worries! 

Campuses in Australia are generally wider and more outspread in the city. It´s really easy to get lost, and I´ve experienced it myself quite often. However, an “app” has been developed in order to help students navigate through the many alleys and roads at the Campus. “Lost on Campus” has the answer for everything!lost-on-campus-pandamap will indicate your directions and the approximate time you´ll be needed to reach your destination. Thanks to the GPS, it will walk with you too! But it´s not all!

Through it you can even trade our old books, look for internships and events happening at the University and leave a “comment” that the University services will directly receive and answer. So if you´re planning on an exchange in Australia (the application works for the major campuses in Australia), “Lost on Campus” is the solution to most of your worries.

2) Towards a safer university? Unisafe!

747-1-unisafeThe University’s Safer Community Program in Melbourne launched its Unisafe app in an effort to educate staff, students and visitors to the University on ways they can enhance their personal safety and contribute to building a safe and secure environment.
Students, staff and visitors can use the app to request a security escort to or from campus, and can also access information about campus security services, health services such as counselling, disability liaison and international student support.

The app also includes tips on enhancing personal safety on campus, public transport, in cars, at home and ‘out and about’… Wonderful!



3) Wanting to know what´s happening at UniMelb? Download the app!

iphone-wordStudying at UniMelb? The UniMelb app provides access to the latest information about the University of Melbourne wherever you are!

The UniMelb app includes:

– Photo gallery: Explore the campus in pictures

– Contact Directory: Search for University of Melbourne staff and connect quickly by phone or email(some staff don’t make their details public)

– News: View the latest news from the University of Melbourne newsroom

– Search: Quickly access the University Web Search

An inspiration for Malmö University?

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