UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 5 – Workshops!

Dear readers,

Let me continue the amazing story of the International Student Conference on Global Citizenship in Bandung, Indonesia.

The 4th Day was dedicated to a intense but fascinating discovery of all what Bandung had to offer. Bandung has approximately 2,4 millions inhabitants and is surrounded by volcanic mountains, which give it a cooler climate that the capital city, Jakarta. The city is quite broad and extended, which is a true challenge for any foreigner (I´ve been myself looking for neighborhoods with little success…). Bandung is the sate of the province of West Java, and is home of the Sundanese people., the second largest ethnic group in Indonesia with a different dialect and peculiar traditions.

The 5th day was entirely made of workshops discussions, that allowed us to reflect on all the different learning moments we had all been through.

– The theme of the first workshop was on the role of medias in tackling terrorism

– The second was about the necessity or not of severe punishments in order to prevent further terrorism attacks (Indonesia has still death penalty as a sentence for terrorist acts).

– The third workshop gathered participants that wanted to discuss the experience of their home countries regarding terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism programs.

All of the three workshop were really giving and educative. I could really testify how different the opinions of the different participants were, especially on the effectiveness of severe punishments to counter eventual terrorism attacks. Again, in one word, a perfect day in Bandung!

UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 4 – Discovering Bandung…

Dear readers,

It´s high time for a new update on the blog! After those amazing conferences and discussions, the organizing committee of the conference (entirely students at Parahyangan University) had prepared another exciting day for us! A free day discovering the amazing city of Bandung!

Bandung was the location of the first Asian–African Conference, held in April 1955. The conference gathered new independent states from both regions who commonly expressed their rejection of colonialism or “new-colonialism” and founded the Non-Aligned Movement. We all visited the venue of the conference which is still used for diplomatic or educational purposes.

Secondly, Bandung is the host of a famous Museum of Geology, which exposed many fossils, rocks, and minerals… Such a delight!

And to finish such a wonderful day, all the participants of the conference headed to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, a place dedicated to the traditional Indonesian instrument, the “Angklung”  (instrument made of two or several bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame, each of the tube playing a different tune). We discovered dances, traditional songs and we also got the chance to give it a try and play all together!

In one word, I would only say: Bandung rocks!!!

UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 3 – Lecture and Movie Discussion

Here come the latest news from the International Conference on Global Citizenship in Bandung, Indonesia.

Day number 3 was full of surprises and wonderful events.

1) First of all, I had the pleasure to attend a very educative lecture given by Major Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, on the Indonesian efforts and the role of the Indonesian army to tackle terrorism.

Before entering the lecture, I could testify the huge excitement of the local participants who rushed in the front row of the lecture hall and listened carefully to everything he was saying. At the end of the lecture, I approached one of the student of Parahyangan University and asked the reason behind this enthusiasm. She explained me with joy in her eyes that Major Yudhoyono that the Indonesian President´s son!

2. Secondly, all the participants of the Global Terrorism Program watched a controversial movie: “Promised Paradise” by Leonard Retel Helmrich, which was banned for a while by the Indonesian government. The discussion afterwards was as fascinating as the rest of the day.

More info: http://cinemaguild.com/mm5/merchant.mvc Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TCGS&Product_Code=2273

As said, a day full with surprises.

UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 2 – Conferences

After a huge Indonesian breakfast at Sany Rosa Hotel, Bandung, we headed towards Parahyangan University in order to go through the second day of the International Student Conference on Global Citizenship.

The headlights of today´s programme were:

– A first lecture on “Global Terrorism, the origin, causes and impacts” by Sydney Jones (International Crisis Group)

– A second lecture by GATUT INDRO SURANTO, or the life´s story of a survivor of the 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia.

– A third lecture on “Global Terrorism in International Law” by Prof. Nobuhito Yoshinaka from Hiroshima University.

More updates to come tomorrow!!!

UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 1 – Settling Down and Opening Ceremony

My name is Michel Anderlini and I am a student of International Relations at Malmö University. For about three months ago, a very good friend of mine advised me to check It´s Learning” as some exciting news had come up. A Student Conference in Indonesia!! I went straight home after my classes and sent out my application for the same day!

Three months later, here I stand, in Bandung, Indonesia… After about 20 hours of travelling, I arrived on Wednesday 16/01 late on the evening. Immediately, some students of Parahyangan University of Bandung came to meet me up at Jakarta Airport. We spent some valuable time together and chatted about everything: studies, culture, work…

Yesterday (Thursday 17/01) was a busy day for me: together with some other participants and Indonesian students, we decided to book a taxi and explore the wonderful city of Bandung. We visited a waterfall, went to a summer resort and admired the huge mansions on the top of a hill, and a some delicious lunch in a shopping mall next to our hotel.

Later on the evening, it was high time for the opening ceremony of the International Student Conference on Global Citizenship! The rector of Parahyangan University welcomes us and the Committee of the Conference (entirely students) had organized for us some cultural shows: songs and traditional dances just blew my mind away!

Tomorrow would be the true beginning of the conference: more news to come!!!

/Michel Anderlini