UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 1 – Settling Down and Opening Ceremony

My name is Michel Anderlini and I am a student of International Relations at Malmö University. For about three months ago, a very good friend of mine advised me to check It´s Learning” as some exciting news had come up. A Student Conference in Indonesia!! I went straight home after my classes and sent out my application for the same day!

Three months later, here I stand, in Bandung, Indonesia… After about 20 hours of travelling, I arrived on Wednesday 16/01 late on the evening. Immediately, some students of Parahyangan University of Bandung came to meet me up at Jakarta Airport. We spent some valuable time together and chatted about everything: studies, culture, work…

Yesterday (Thursday 17/01) was a busy day for me: together with some other participants and Indonesian students, we decided to book a taxi and explore the wonderful city of Bandung. We visited a waterfall, went to a summer resort and admired the huge mansions on the top of a hill, and a some delicious lunch in a shopping mall next to our hotel.

Later on the evening, it was high time for the opening ceremony of the International Student Conference on Global Citizenship! The rector of Parahyangan University welcomes us and the Committee of the Conference (entirely students) had organized for us some cultural shows: songs and traditional dances just blew my mind away!

Tomorrow would be the true beginning of the conference: more news to come!!!

/Michel Anderlini

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