UNPAR Indonesia 2013 – Day 4 – Discovering Bandung…

Dear readers,

It´s high time for a new update on the blog! After those amazing conferences and discussions, the organizing committee of the conference (entirely students at Parahyangan University) had prepared another exciting day for us! A free day discovering the amazing city of Bandung!

Bandung was the location of the first Asian–African Conference, held in April 1955. The conference gathered new independent states from both regions who commonly expressed their rejection of colonialism or “new-colonialism” and founded the Non-Aligned Movement. We all visited the venue of the conference which is still used for diplomatic or educational purposes.

Secondly, Bandung is the host of a famous Museum of Geology, which exposed many fossils, rocks, and minerals… Such a delight!

And to finish such a wonderful day, all the participants of the conference headed to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, a place dedicated to the traditional Indonesian instrument, the “Angklung”  (instrument made of two or several bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame, each of the tube playing a different tune). We discovered dances, traditional songs and we also got the chance to give it a try and play all together!

In one word, I would only say: Bandung rocks!!!

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