The skies of Tynemouth

Yesterday, my Jamaican housemate said to me:

“If I asked you how your stay in England was, what would you say?”.

This one sentence made me rethink what I have done so far. What I told him was that I traveled way too little, but I was happy with the things I did.

So this is one of my biggest adventures here in England, my tiny trip to Tynemouth, a place where the sea meets the riverbed of Tyne.

The fastest and cheapest way to get there is to take a metro. So,accompanied by my loyal friends – my camera and my favorite book, Jack London’s “Martin Eden”, I began my day trip on the 17th April. I had delayed this trip a couple of times before due to rain and cold and was very uncertain about going there that particular day, but, having checked 5 different weather forecasts, I was quite convinced (as much as I could be, taking into account the charisma of the British weather) the sun would come out in the afternoon. I took a metro towards the coast and got lost in the world of Martin Eden for around half an hour, when the metro stopped at an all-white, straight-out-of-the-movie Tynemouth station.


After snapping some pictures (by the way, it was my first trip after I bought a cpl lens filter for my camera, which increases the color contrast between water and sky) so I was really excited to try that out), I started to walk towards the sea. The coastline didn’t have much to see, but what it had was truly amazing – the castle is located on a cliff right on the coast. Having grown up visiting the sandy beaches on the Baltic seacoast, I have never seen such high cliffs. However, the sky was grey all the time and soon it started raining, so I went to this restaurant I have been recommended by at least 6 people for its famous fish&chips.


Marshall’s is known as one of the best fish&chips places in the region, so I had to try that. The unusual thing was that they served it with a lemon half, so I could squeeze some juice on the dish, giving the taste of the fish a pleasurable trace of sourness. To sum up, the crust was a little too fatty for my personal taste, but I really liked the non-artificial taste of chips and the fish (cod) itself.


To my great joy, while I was eating, the dark clouds  backed away and the sun really did come out, so it was my chance to get crazy with the camera and walk around some more. These pictures will give you quite a good picture of what I saw 🙂


Up on the castle hill


King Edward’s Bay


The Castle


The sea gate


The castle cliff


I smell the 80s


This scene reminded me of a movie


Afternoon skies in Tynemouth


Snack break by the sea


Green house

.After a 3-hour walk along the coast, I got back to the metro station and took a metro towards Newcastle. It wasn’t a big and fancy trip, but this brightened my day and became one of my brightest exchange memories so far 🙂