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In my class History & Aestetics of Cinema our final is a group paper. Niamh, Victoria and I decided to analyse Independent cinema vs. Hollywood. We are comparing two of Christopher Nolan’s creations, Memento and Inception.

This is us last week, smiley faces.. and everything under control.. P1070143



Us today.. Slightly more active as the paper needs to be handed in on Thursday!



Our conclusion about Nolan so far is that no matter how big his filmmaking budget is he manage to confuse and unsettle his viewer tremendously! He plays with all sorts of techniques to create uncertainty about what is real and not real life.. Skilled!


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Two second year students on exchange at University of Ottawa. During the winter term of 2014 Hanna studies gender & sociology and Johanna studies sociology & cinema. When not in school Hanna likes running and hitting the gym, drinking coffee and explore the Canadian music scene. Johanna likes pilates and indoor cycling, cooking and cheese. Common interests are hanging out in pubs and drinking beer & unexpected little adventures. When not in Canada Hanna and Johanna studies Diversity Studies at Malmö University.

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