Been-theres and Done-thats

Soooo, it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been very busy but it’s all over now and the fun has just begun. This post will be short and visual, covering a few things I’ve done in november.

Transgression Park
The only park I’ve been to so far 🙁


Pretended to be tourists for about an hour then sis and I hit the mall 🙂

glasgowstation02 glasgowgarden

glasgow chapel


Christmas Market
Checked it out quickly, too cold and too crowded. I need to go back there with more clothes and patience.

xmasmarket xmasmarket2

Scotland vs England
I was probably the only happy England fan in the room 🙂


My first Thanksgiving ever, arranged by my new American Friend Gervon 🙂



Krispy Kreme
Heaven in my mouth. Got donuts with my flatmate at 3am while taking a break from an assignment 🙂


RIP pink Hairdryer
Probably the reason i got sick again (I’m sick again, 3rd time this semester!)


/Dania OUT!

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