One term abroad is coming to an end

Yes, now I’m here in Milan and tomorrow evening I’m taking the plane back home to cold Sweden. It has been an amazing experience to leave and “work” in another country, to get to know the culture, the norms and for being able to be a part of the normal day/”vardag”!

Genova really has delivered, it is a wonderful city, really worth a lot of your time, you wan’t get disappointed! First, there where some people who said to me, Genova isn’t really a nice city, but I have to say I love it! There is a lot of culture and history in the city, there is an international atmosphere , it is a port city and very close to smaller cities at the beaches. If you want to take a trip to Florenze, Verona etc. is only maximum four hours away. The longer I lived in the city, the more I realized I had to see, and now the day before departure, I realise I have to go back and discover more in this lovely city!

From the beginning I wasn’t sure there would be such great differences in social work as I discovered. I have been doing my internship mostly in the third sector, which is very usually in Italy. The organisation form cooperative was definitely something new for me and interesting to experience. I also had the opportunity to visit a “assistente sociale”, and the office they were working in.

Now when I look back, Italy and Sweden has some things in common when it comes to social work, but there is also a lot of things in diverse and it is interesting to experience this differences! Even if it doesn’t take long time to travel here, there are a lot of differences!

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Spring on its way

So, I have been living in Vilnius for over 7 weeks now. Today I went to the rail station because I should fix my visa for my trip to Russia in April. On my way home, searching for the bus stop I took the wrong street so I got lost. But it was actually good to get lost, because I had a chance to explore new parts of the city as I haven’t visit before. I got the opportunity to see new quarters in the old parts of the city, I found a lot of small places to eat and know I now where I will go this weekend!


Overall I really enjoy to live in Vilnius. It is a little bit different from other cities in Europa, especially capitals. In Vilnius their lives about 550-600 000 people and the most famous part of the city is the old town with all the beautiful buildings, churches, cafés and so on. There is a lot of history in Vilnius so if you are interest in history, the city is a very good place, both for old history and modern history.


If you go outside the old town, you will see a totally opposite side of the city, no colour and everything looks the same. When I took the bus to the city centre, I passed several of buildings, they look all the same and the only difference between them is the house number, written with big numbers at one of the walls. I will later, when not also the sky is grey, post some pictures, because it is quite interesting and different from Sweden.
When I first arrived I had a hard time when I went shopping etc. because Lithuania people normally doesn’t smile when you meet the out walking or when you are doing you groceries etc. It is a lot of exchange student who under lectures has said the same and usually the professors answer them that a Lithuania smile is very nice, but not that usual.


For some weeks ago it started to snow and it got really cold, but today, actually I think the spring is on its way even to Vilnius.